A Week To Count Blessings

Last week, for a do nothing kinda schedule, turned out to be jam packed with the unexpected.  We had Dusty out almost every day to help with outdoor chores.  He went back to Katy on Thursday and got pulled over for speeding.  I had my “Life Scan Screening” on Monday but do not have results at this time.  Got my MRI results back on Wednesday and thankfully it was normal.  On Friday, Bill and I went to the funeral of one of my Kroger bosses son.  He had a seizure and passed at the age of 34.  Leaving a 2 yr, old son.  After that we swung by our attorney for a quick meeting and lunch.  I want to apologize to my Kroger buddies that wanted us to go to lunch with them.  Time just wasn’t on our side that day.

Went to the Texan game Sunday.  Had fun with our friends but have know idea what to do with our Texans.  Seems like just a few defensive players are trying to carry the team by themselves.  It was so disappointing! But it was a beautiful day, with the roof open, the eagle Challenger swooping in with amazing grace and beauty and military members dropping from the ceiling on ropes (including our mascot Toro).  That was a WOW moment!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving now.  Took the Butterball out to thaw today.  Bill will pick up the Honey Baked Ham on Wed. while I make cornbread dressing.  And doing the regular chores in between.  Wouldn’t be nice if the floors would just do themselves.  You know…where the mops and brooms, buckets and dust rags, and Windex bottles come to life and clean away while you sit with a wine and put on George Strait music.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

Please keep the Habada family in your prayers this holiday season.  They will be spending it without their youngest son.  I know that they are thankful to have had him for 34 years.  Kurt is with our Father now and will be spending Jesus’ birthday with Him.  What a beautiful sight Heaven must be on the Blessed Day!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.  From the Hurles family to yours….be safe.  Sending our love and hugs,

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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