Blessings To All!

Wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  I know how berserk it can get around the holidays so…God Bless You All.  It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already over.  Man, where is time going?  We had family and friends in shifts which was wonderful so that we could spend quality time with many.  Turkey Day was spent with daughter Debbie, husband Jason, and granddaughter Erika.  along with son’s Dusty and Casey.  Then good friends Linda and David came over on Saturday to watch football and eat leftovers.  Sunday was spent at the Texan game with all our season ticket buddies…watching JJ Watt kick ass.  Monday, Dusty was back chopping wood and finishing up the Honey Baked Ham with the best ham sandwiches ever. 

Lani fly’s in tomorrow.  She will spend the first day and night with her dad and then I pick her up and she is all mine for two days.  Can’t wait.  Bill has already hidden the credit cards!  He forgets we have security cameras everywhere.  NICE TRY!!!! 

While at the Texan game one of our friends has a 17 yr. old son who comes to the game with him.  We have known them for years.  Well, it seems that Sam, the 17 yr. old, had an unauthorized party for about 50 kiddos. I asked him “did the police come”?  No….was the reply.  So I told his dad Tim that that’s not so bad.  If nothing was stolen or damage done.  So how long is he grounded?  Reply…until he is 23!  We all laughed our asses off.  I told Sam that he is lucky.  I think I was grounded for LIFE once.  So technically …I’m still grounded.  Somehow everyone believed that.  Maybe I should have had a pack with my dad that I’ll be grounded for life until one of us is no longer here.  Now I’m stuck with the curse!

Started reading a new book…Catherine Coulter’s “The Lost Key” about two weeks ago.  With all the hoopla going on…I’m only 3/4 way through it.  Can’t wait to finish it.  Very good book.  I had not read her in a while.  Just finished a couple of James Patterson before that and a couple of Nora Roberts.  But now I always get involved with the Hallmark Christmas movies and the Lifetime Christmas movies so the books will probably be shelved for a spell.  Fireplace going, a glass of wine, snuggled in my favorite chair, with my favorite blanket and I’m in for the duration. 

Blessings my friends…have a wonderful Christmas season.  God Bless!

Ride,Baby.Ride! and make sure those Pistols Are Loaded!

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