UFO’s And Oreo’s

As everyone knows I am a chocolate lover.  In fact it’s just about the best thing in the whole world.  And as most of my friends know I follow all the UFO and Ghost Adventure Shows on the tube.   Well, I received a special surprise the other night while letting Chico out for a late night potty break.  This unusual light was flitting around the sky as I was munching on my Oreo’s.  I watched in amazement and amusement as the bright light went one way stop and then go another direction.  This…believe it or not, was not while consuming a wine.  In fact I had not had an alcoholic beverage at all that day.  Maybe that’s why…I was hallucinating because I needed a wine.  It took off as I finished my last cookie.  I would have said a drone or something but it was up with the stars.  So I can now say that there is something going on up there.  Unless of course someone put something in my Oreo’s!

My next topic is on volunteering.  I am all for helping out on causes and projects that I believe in.  Recently I volunteered to be in charge of something.  It turned out I was just in charge of signing people up for an Italian Valentine’s dinner.  I had so many ideas on decorating and music for a beautiful evening.  My bubble was burst as I watched a wonderful opportunity fade away.  I have decided that I will no longer “be in charge” of anything like that again.  I’m too much of a perfectionist and too easy going to stress out with some peoples attitudes.  It’s kinda like…put me in charge …and step aside.  OK now that’s off my chest.  I’m good.

I have some ideas about my new hobby.  Well, not new, but picking it up again.  Painting….or attempting to paint has always intrigued me.  Mom was so good at it and I will never have the talent she had with the paintbrush.  But I have been sketching and dabbling with other things and I think I’m ready to paint.  Bill is wondering what the hell is wrong with me…but I’m sure he’s been wondering that for years.  I once ask him what he thought of one of my drawings and the first thing out of his mouth was “what is it”?  It took him 3 weeks to recover.  I don’t think he can father children any more!  So, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

There are three things that are on my sh_t list this week…besides cancer…and they are the weather, the county road service, and dumb-ass drivers.  The weather is driving us crazy.  And you know from a previous blog that the turning on and off of fans, AC, and heat is putting Bill in the psycho ward.  At least we aren’t in Boston.  I think I would probably move.  The county has been grating the roads to help with the pot holes.  Only they have made them worse.  Let me get on “that thing” and I’ll show ya how it’s done.  Out in the country we are stuck with dirt/sandy shell roads.  My Jeep, although maroon in color, stays a crappy brown.  Half the time I can’t see out the back window.  If it rains …it’s muddy.  If it’s dry…it’s dirty.  And last but not least asshole drivers.  I have learned to just get out of their way.  They pull out right in front of you when you are traveling at 50 mph.  The other day I was pulling into a parking spot …with my blinker on and some one pulls right in from BEHIND me on a motorcycle.  I’m not getting involved with anyone that looked like this guy so I went to another grocery store all together.  After what happened to that poor woman and her daughter in Las Vegas…I didn’t even feel like shopping anymore.  

I would like to send our condolences to a good friend of mine..Jeep Judy.  Judy, Bill and I are so sorry for the lost of your hubby Mike.  49 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment and I know you will miss him dearly.  Cancer is a horrible thing and we just have to find a cure soon.  You and the family are in our prayers and know that Mike is in the loving arms of our Lord.  What a great place to be.  We love you.

And another shout out to friend Robin on the loss of her brother.  Prayers sent your way as well.

Have a wonderful week.  I send blessings to you all.
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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