It’s A Great Day…When

I’ve learned at my age that some things constitute a great day and some things can make the day the “pits”.  I started jotting down the things that just tickle the crap out of me vs. the things that sent me into a tail spin.  I would have to say at the top of my list is not having to use half a roll of toilet paper when I poop.  Laugh if you want but most of my days since the colon surgery I go through lots at one sitting.  And I poop every time something goes in…something comes out.  I guess that’s a good thing but a pain in the ass at the same time.  Np pun intended.   If I wake up with no facial hair…it’s a good day.  Plucking wild hairs has become a priority when leaving the house.  Heaven forbid go to the grocery store and look like Yeti’s mate.  Where DO they come from?  Did they missed the top of the head the mark?  As I continue to age …certain parts of the body sag a bit.  A day when I find clothing that hides certain flabby places is a good day.  Bras that “lift and separate” are a must.  But they can’t be too tight under the arms and around the back or I discover skin I didn’t know I had.  Swimming muscles have stayed rather firm.  I still lift weights and try to keep half way in shape.  But certain tops do not flatter my arms.  The right top…a great day.  So after putting myself together I’m ready to roam the streets.  I just take a purse big enough to fit a roll of “ass wipe” in.  

Got to visit with cute Dr. Adam Czelusta.  Bill and I had our appointments at the same time as to save a trip into Katy.  Bill had his six month check up and I had my yearly body scan with Adam’s magnifying glass.  You might remember from one of my books that Adam is the only doctor that I ever had that looks at the who-who through a mag glass.  Not even “the Bev”..aka Dr. Bevers, heads “down under” with a mag glass.  But all checked out well and I will see him again on next years check up.  Bill, on the other hand, had to give to samples of skin.  One from his bald spot on top of his head and the other off his ear.  The biopsies results should be back in a few days.  If you are looking for a good dermatologist…check out Dr. Czelusta at Katy Dermatology.  

  Woke up to ice on the ramps this morning.  Not much but just enough to break your butt if you fell.  We were to take Chico to the vet this morning to get his yearly blood work to renew his Heart Guard.  Had to postpone until this afternoon.  I’m sure he hopes it stays iced all day.  It’s already almost 10 AM and ice still coats the ramp.  Bill had to go out the side stairs where there was no ice to feed the horses.  He started out the back door and I said “if you go that way and break something you’re driving yourself to the hospital”.  Starr slipped by him and slid down the ramp and I had to go out the side door and pick her up to get her back in. Nothing hurt …thank goodness.  She thinks she’s six instead of sixteen. 

Got my haircut by good friend Velma.  She cut my hair then we went to Pappadeaux’s for seafood and wine.  Had it cut a little shorter in back where it tends to get bushy.  But I’m really enjoying the straight hair that mother nature has decided to give me after all the years.  I guess chemical changes either to do with age or chemo.  Velma has cut my hair for 33 years now and I always get compliments with her styling talents. I need something to make this “mug” look better!

Painting is going well.  Experimenting still.  But I am pleased with the progress.  Not ready for the Louvre but not in the trashcan either.  Bill has learned not to ask what it is that I’m painting after his first debacle.  Wise choice on his part.  Dusty likes my horses and my crab.  A son with great taste.  

Hope everyone stays warm.  For those who have contacted me …I pray for great results on all your tests and chemo sessions.  God bless you all.

Hugs and Love,
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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