Catching Up

Gee…it’s been a while but it’s been crazy.  So many trips and events.  Bill and I flew to Atlanta, rented a car and drove to Cherokee for a few days.  Lani and TJ drove up to meet us for the weekend from Columbia, SC.  And we were well on our way to having a ball.  A short jaunt but never a dull moment.  Met many nice people at Brio’s bar.  Including Peter and Terri.  Who turned out to be our drinking buddies.  All the staff at Brio’s were amazing and great at giving us attention.  We will definitely be returning to their bar.  Lani and I stuck with 3 card poker…Bill, mostly blackjack….and TJ is in love with the video roulette. 

After returning Bill had a phone call saying that the biopsy that was taken from his ear at Dr. Czelusta office was determined to be a melanoma…so we made an appt. with the surgeon Dr. Ahern for removal.  OK….it’s located inside the lip at the top of Bill’s left ear.  The Mohs procedure was done and Bill resembles Vincent Van Gogh.  Now he has an excuse for not hearing me for sure.  Pretty big dig out but Dr. Ahern said they got it all.  Cancer is so scary no matter where it is. 

I hear footsteps and they’re not mine.  I feel a heart beat faster…it’s mine.  I look up expecting to see someone standing before me but no one’s there.  The feeling is so overwhelming I get goosebumps.  There is someone there…but where.  Someone I love, someone very close to me…I sense them, I smell them.  I embrace the moment of pure love.  I have no idea what just happened to me…but it did.  And as I look back on this experience I feel like it was either my mom or God….or both.  I don’t know if this has ever happened to any of you but I’d like to hear about it if it has.  I was so at peace.  And the feeling left as fast as it came.  WOW!

Drinking lots of green and black tea.  I have been reading up on all the antioxidants that are supposedly good for ovarian cancer.  I’m assuming most cancers as well.  My diet has always been pretty good.  But I was mostly drinking just regular tea.  I really enjoy these two and Oolong tea as well.  Lani has been trying to lose some weight and I am trying to maintain.  So becoming experts on all these diets people throw out there.  I guess we all have to try until we find the right one for you.  I mean you can only eat so much fish without having a nice steak….you can eat only so many salads before you need pasta…etc.  I figure small portions and several meals a day…not eating after 6PM (unless it’s an apple or something) is the best for me.  As long as I don’t look like Petunia Pig and Porky looking at my fat ass, I guess I’m going down the right road.

Getting my port flushed next week.  It seems like I just had that done.  Boy, time sure is flying by.  Then Bill and I are taking all the kids on a cruise to Belize.  Can’t wait.  My brother and nephew will be house, horse, and dog sitting.  I am already trying to decide what to take even though we have a while to go. 

Don’t forget to tell me about your experiences with the spirits.  I am so fascinated with this.  Have a great weekend and send out the love.  Make someone’s day and smile at them.


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