Bill and I had the pleasure of attending the Big Brother Big Sister night at Polo Ralph Lauren.  The charity event helped raise money for the BBBS.  Thank you to The Lauren family for opening your Galleria Store for the fundraiser.  Champagne and Lime Vodka cocktails were served with tasty hors d’oeuvres.  The president of BBBS, Pierce Bush and his team out did themselves.  Daddy has to be so pleased watching from Heaven. Pierce’s sister Lauren, just happened to marry David Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s son).  Always a plus when you are trying to raise money.  Pierce was running a little late due to the fact he was doing some kind of appearance at his uncle’s Jeb Bush get-together for his presidential run.  The staff at Polo RL were so nice.  Thank you to Jonathan, Tim, Millie, and DJ just to mention a few who took great care of us.  Bill and I bought several things and can’t wait to wear them. 

We have been working out in the yard quite a bit.  Planted a few things in the garden and added some flowering plants to some of the beds.  Pulling those pesky sticker-bur weeds so that the dogs don’t hurt their feet.  We have eliminated most of them but a few still pop up every now and then.  I feel so sorry for the babies when they just stop in their tracks with that pitiful face.  The wild turkeys are back and sleep in the trees over the horse field.  We counted eight of them.  We counted ten last year when they disappeared for the winter.  They turn out to be great watch dogs!  When they start “that noise”…you know somethings going on in their world.

Our family lost a dear friend this past week.  Federal Judge John Singleton passed away.  A friend of my parents for 60 years.  He passed on his 97 birthday.  God bless you Judge.  He and dad are reunited and on the tee box in Heaven.  Ready to continue that golf game and play cards in the mens grill the Heavens Country Club.  Also, prayers for all who are fighting cancer.  Patricia good luck on your biopsy.  And Bill’s daughter Joann who is battling breast cancer.  Olivia keep up your strength during chemo.

Tomorrow is the Easter Egg Hunt at the church.  Bill and I will deliver cookies in the morning.  Then continue on to our next project.  Several things planned for tomorrow.  Need to pick up a couple of more hibiscus and potting soil.  Dusty helps with much of the lifting which I am so grateful.  Bill just can’t do it anymore and I am borderline if things are too heavy.

Enjoy your weekend.  And don’t forget sunscreen. 


Love and Hugs,

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