Saying Farewell To A Friend

This has been a rough week for our family.  As you know from the last blog, we lost a dear friend and said our final farewell on Tuesday.  Federal Judge John Singleton’s service was amazing.  The church, St. Martin’s Episcopal, was filled.  Federal judges draped with their judicial robes, other types of judges and hordes of attorneys, The Honorable Mark White (Gov. of Texas in early 80’s), and Congress woman Sheila Jackson Lee and a slew of U.S. Marshall’s.  It was almost like being in a well protected glass jar with stained glass windows.  And I would say, we that lean more to the right in politics, were outnumbered by the left.  The Judge’s reception was at Lakeside Country Club.  The American flag, that was flown over the U.S. Capital, was presented to the judge’s widow in a moving presentation, the U.S. Navy played taps (the Judge served in WW ll in the Navy), and the University of Texas Alumni Band played The Eyes Of Texas and Texas Fight.  Lots of individuals told funny stories about the Judge going back to his childhood and his time at Univ. of Texas as one of their cheerleaders back in the day.  And I say that lovingly because he passed at the age of 97.  So, so long my friend.  I met the Judge when I was three.  He was a good friend of my parents at Lakeside C.C.  So lets see …that would be for 61 years.  I will miss you.

With so many people asking me about my cancer experience and the dealing with the dreaded chemo knowledge, I want to stress something very important.  Cancers are different, the way to deal with each type of cancer is different and the chemo’s are different for everyone.  There are so many types of chemo drugs and every body is different.  All I can say is pull up your pants and fight for your life.  I have had several people I know that have had to stop the chemo because of side effects.  Talk with your doctor, read about chemo as much as possible, and I can recommend a book that was very helpful to me named “Chemo For Dummies”.  Available at any book store.  I gave mine to my cousin Sandra when she was going through her lung cancer.  And again, I can’t comment on radiation because as of yet, I haven’t had the pleasure….and hopefully never will.  My doctor was adamant about being radical.  Get in there, get it out, and chemo.  So, whatever it takes I would do.  Cancer doesn’t give a crap about you….so deal with discomfort now…get rid of anything you don’t need (that includes lymph nodes, body parts, and anything else suggested).  My prayers are with you all.

Our Easter was wonderful.  Bill and I went to church.  Great Easter Service by Dr. Brand.  Came home to a amazing Honey Baked Ham, baked chicken with mushroom gravy, green beans, artichoke salad, and whole grain rice.  Trying to eat right.  Then Bill and I split a bottle of Chianti and watched all the old movies on TCM.  King of Kings, Greatest Story Ever Told, Easter Parade, and Holiday Inn.  Then we ran out of wine and went to bed.  But a very relaxing day.  Thank you to the kids that joined us and to those who called that couldn’t be here.  We love you all.

Busy week ahead.  Horses need their nails done.  Dogs are due for their yearly exams.  Bill returns to dermatologist to look at his Vincent Van Gogh ear and hopefully all will look well.  We both need haircuts before our cruising days arrive.  And…I will definitely buy a new fragrance of room spray for one of the guest bathrooms.  The one we have is nauseating when mixed with the poop smell.  And I say that because there are just some sprays that do not help when one has the pooping experience.  Mentioning no names. I seem to have better luck with the Lysol brand. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  For those fighting for health reasons, I ask my prayer warriors to keep up the good work.  Pat, Joann , Julia, Karen, and Olivia to name a few, are fighting different types of cancer.  Have a blessed day.

Love and Hugs,

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