It Was The Best of Times…It was the Worst of Times!

A familiar phrase… but true.  Actually the good times were a complete blast.  Returned from our seven day cruise to Belize City, Belize, Roatan, Honduras, and Cozumel, Mexico.  Bill and I have cruised this before but we took Lani, Casey, Dusty, and Lani’s fiancee Timothy with us. The Navigator of the Seas,  left out of Galveston Sunday April 19th and returned Sunday April 26th.  Everyday was an adventure to say the least.  First evening on ship we attended the “who done it” dinner.  So much fun but Casey got lost and missed out.  (Kinda bad when you lose a kid on the first night).  Anyway..someone had killed “Pimp-daddy”during the first 5 minutes.  Turned out one of the girlfriends and her attorney.  As we boarded, Bill tipped our main bartender and he took care of us the rest of the cruise.  Special thanks to Alex who put up with us all.  We became good friends and plan on keeping in touch.  

Monday was a day at sea.  That means Bill and the boys disappeared to the casino.  They should actually call it a daycare for men!  Gave Lani and me lots of time to hit all the stores on the ship.  Then we pooled it.  Two swimming pools, seven hot tubs, sauna, and three bars.  Definition of Heaven.  Monday night was the formal Captain’s Dinner and then a very entertaining comedy show. 

Tuesday was another day at sea.  Played bingo…didn’t win.  The kids closed the disco and Bill closed the casino every night.  I got a call at 1:30 with Lani calling from her suite saying…Mom, you’d better get down here.  Walk into the room and Dusty is spread out on the floor… blasted!  I’d say too many Red Bulls and vodka.  He proceeded to throw up in the trash can and crash.  The room stewards knew the boys well and of course we took good care of the stewards for all the crap they had to attend to.  There was a Elton John Impersonator that did comedy and played the piano and sang. Very good show.

Wednesday we docked at Roatan…drank beer at the bars and shopped.  Then at 4pm set sail for Belize.  Took the tender into the city and had a blast.  We all ate at the Wet Lizard….that is all but Dusty who was recovering.  Friday was Cozumel.  We got off the ship and took a taxi to Carlos and Charlie’s beach.  Got an umbrella and table and chairs. We swam, ate, bought stuff from all the people trying to sell their crap. The boys got on the big water trampoline and then taxi time back to Senor Frog’s. Ate nachos and drank beer.  

Returned Sunday and we all went to Pappasitos for a great meal and then we all parted ways.  AND NO ONE GOT ARRESTED!!!!!!  But Timothy was banned from the ships pizzeria.  They said he ate too much pizza.  We expected to see his picture on America’s most wanted pizza dude!  A huge thanks to my brother for house and animal sitting.  Love you D.

Monday at 4:30 am we woke up to the worst thunder storm ever.  Lost power due to a tornado that went through not 1/2 mile from us.  The power was off for 2 days.  Finally came on Tuesday late.  But that’s one good way to clean out the fridges and freezers.  But then Starr had a real bad night.  We decided it was time to say goodbye.  So we lost our 16 year old baby.  Bill was devastated.  I stayed with her and held her until she entered Heaven. 

Bill and I just returned from Vegas.  After we lost Starr we got away and enjoyed 6 days in Sin City.  Went to the Kentucky Derby party.  Met many nice people.  Of course Vegas was also rocking because the big fight was Saturday also.  We had a wonderful relaxing time.  AND NO ONE GOT ARRESTED!  Got back yesterday…and walked into an empty house.  Still missing Starr…but Chico is awesome and is enjoying being the only child. Thank you Dusty for house and animal sitting.

Special prayers out to my brother and his wife who had to put their baby of 16 years, Precious, down about one week after Starr.  My prayer jar has a new name.  A man named Alan that we met at the Sportsbook in Vegas.  He has heart issues and is trying to make it to next year for his daughters wedding.  Keeping you all in prayer.  Tricia, Patricia, Joann, and my hubby Bill.  He has not been feeling well since we got home last night.  Couple of bloody noses due to change of altitude and the dry air of Vegas.  I think it’s just age and time to rest and regroup after 3 great weeks of love, family, and wine! 

Love and hugs,

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