Well, with the rough ride that we have had we finally have some positive news.  CA125 came back a 3.  Yeah!!!!!   Such a relief.  So good for three more months unless the “Bev” finds something during my exam on Thursday.  I was supposed to visit him today but was rescheduled.  Which was fine for Bill and me due to the bad weather.  Coming home from blood work and port flush yesterday, we ran into two detours.  Raising creeks are big around here due to all the hills.  But we made it home with the help of lunch at Willie G’s and a bottle of wine!  Bill’s physical with our wonderful friend and doctor…Mark… turned out well also.  Mark was not worried about his nose bleeds or his stomach aches.  Nose bleeds most likely due to change of altitude and loss of humidity and stomach ails due to change of diet and water.  All other minor problems are chalked up to “OLD AGE” …go figure.

Getting used to missing Starr.  I still expect to see her every morning.  Chico looks for her too… but is enjoying being the only child.  And is working it in only the way Chico can.  So funny.  Got home the other day and he was stretched out on our bed..on our pillows.  We now close our bedroom door.  We go through the routine…this is Chico’s bed….and this is grandpa and grandma’s bed.  He only looks at us like we are senile.  Which of course I tell him that “Bill’s the only one in that category”. 

So, things settling down now.  We are meeting friends, Linda and David, for the Preakness on Saturday.  And we do have a Big Brother Big Sister event this Sunday.  Should be loads of fun.  But other than that we are off free for about another week when we have our annual eye exams.  It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year.  Time is really traveling way too fast.  I was just talking to Bill’s brother Harp this morning (who happens to have a birthday today)…I remember at school and all those years at work and raising the kids thinking….WILL THIS DAY EVER END? 

I need to send out prayers to several today.  Patricia, Olivia, Debbie, Joann, Alan, and Tricia.  Hang in there with chemo’s, surgeries, and ailments that need “our angels” attention.  Let’s nip this in the butt!  A special Happy Birthday to Harp Hurles….Bill wants you to know that you will always be older than he.  Love ya Harp! 

Have a great week and hope for great results for us all.
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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