Rain Rain Go Away!

I love rain but this is the pits!  According to our rain gauge…In just the past three days we have shown over 12″ of rain.  I guess we can all sympathize with Noah now.  The horses hibernated for days in their barn.  The turkeys were clinging for dear life in the tall pines with wind gust up to 25 mph.  The rabbits were hanging around the garden and Chico stayed curled up with anyone that would snuggle during the wrath of the lightening and thunder.  The old saying goes…”with the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”….  well, the creek rose.  In fact several creeks and ponds around here were blocking the roadways.  We are blessed to have a sandy soil so it drains well and fast.  Like being at the beach.  However, we did lose power a couple of times.  On Sunday we lost power right before I was leaving for church. So God had to mark me absent.  It didn’t come back on until about 4pm.  That pissed me off because the Rockets were on.  So missed the opening tip off and first part of the game.  And also kept us from a Big Brother Big Sister function at Audi Central Houston.  The Big Taste of Houston did however raise 150K for the BBBS.  Way to go all you hard workers…in spite of the weather…to raise that much for such a great cause.

Thank you again for the prayers.  Like I mentioned last week…CA125 was a 3.  My physical with the “Bev” turned up nothing…and that was including the “hinny excavation”.  Always a fun thing to have done. UGH!  But (no pun intended),  I will have a colonoscopy scheduled sometime this year only because I’m due for one.  I ran into my good friend Pat while at the hospital and got to visit her while she was getting her chemo for breast cancer.  She looked great and in good spirits. 

Bill and I have yearly eye exams coming up and also Bill has a hearing exam approaching.  The hearing one I’m really looking forward to.  This ought to be good.  Everyday is more challenging.  He cannot hear on the phone hardly at all.  I have been taking over calling for appointments, making reservations, and business matters.  So when we go I am asking about a phone for the hearing impaired.  So if you are talking to Bill on the phone…remember he hears maybe one word out of ten.  He may not answer you and he goes long periods without saying a thing.  Just because he doesn’t know what the conversation is. 

Casey and Dusty came over during the rains to help with electronic stuff.  Added more security cameras and barn fans for the horses.  Excited to say all is settling down now.  We have pretty much recovered from our trips.  We met Linda and David on Saturday at the horse track for the Preakness.  A wonderful day spent with dear friends.  Buffet was good and drinks flowed freely!  We even won a little money and now may be looking at a triple crown winner in “American Pharaoh”.  

Hope everyone has a great week.  Stay dry….hopefully it won’t rain every day!  Prayers out to all who occupy a space in my prayer jar.  Remember…never give up.  When He is ready, God will take you in His arms and until then… He holds us with His love.  Hugs!!!!

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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