Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Hope you are dry and safe.  For those of you not in Texas or Oklahoma…we are being hammered with rain, wind, flooding and tornadoes.  One or two days is enough but 3 weeks is a little crazy.  But the weather has not been the only crazy stuff going on around here.

High winds and heavy rains has damaged our property in several places.  The insurance adjustor will be out tomorrow to assess the loss.  Bill and I are spending today making a list for him of things we know need fixing.  Bill took the golf cart around the property to check the seven and one half acre fence line.  The next thing I know and hear is “I got stuck”.  The sandy soil by the back fence line was like quick sand.  So Dusty joins in and between the two of them decide to take my Jeep to pull it out since it has four wheel drive.  Family friend Amy was here and she and I were sitting on the back porch drinking wine.  Both of us thinking this was not such a great idea.  The next thing we know Dusty and Bill are walking back to the house cussing.  OK guys…where is my Jeep.  AHHH..the Jeep got stuck.  Amy and I were on the floor laughing.  Next brilliant male idea was to take Dusty’s pick up to pull the Jeep out.  Before you know it here comes Dusty cussing and screaming don’t f____ing talk to me …don’t ask me anything.  Again Amy and I are on the floor.  Then here comes Bill dragging his ass for about the fifth time.  Dusty’s truck is stuck.  No sh_t!!!!  It was like every time they left …we were missing a vehicle.  Alright, that left Bill’s pick-up and our old utility Dodge truck.   Amy and I look at each other and at the same time ….don’t you dare!   Fellow church goer and friend J came over after church on Sunday with his tractor and pulled them all out.  Not enough wine in this country to get Amy and I through that ordeal.

Son Casey, left for California with his friend to visit for a week.  And of course they leave and the news plasters all over the TV that there was an earthquake.  No worries here!!!!   They went to San Diego and I believe the quake was near LA.  Had to go to the store to replace depleted wine. 

My friend from Kroger Sara Boyer passed away on Thursday.  She had gone in for a hysterectomy and bladder repair and came home to recover and was found not breathing.  So sudden.  Please pray for her family.  Then, my other Kroger friend Pat, was admitted to the hospital.  Pat is receiving chemo for breast cancer and her white blood cells went way down.  But she received news today that she gets to go home.  While she was in there…on the seventh floor in the tower…they sounded off the tornado alert.  Take cover.  OK where the hell is she supposed to go?  IV and all jump your ass into the bathtub?  Anyway, all is well now. 

Met my good friend Velma and got a haircut.  We went to Pappadeaux’s afterwards and had wine and a salad.  So much fun and met the nicest couple …JR and Anna.  Turns out he has been battling cancer as well.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Special prayers out to my friend Olivia who has decided to stop her chemo after trying over a year.  She has  decided to have quality over quantity.  Her decision is one all of us going through similar circumstances will no doubt have to make one day.  Blessings to you my friend.  God will guide you.

Due for another deluge of rain this afternoon.  Getting ready ….again…with the emergency kit.  Yes, it includes wine!  I might as well get saturated just like the land.  So, everyone enjoy your Memorial Day.  Hope you can get some BBQing in.  I had to do the pork roast in the oven.  But it did turn out delicious.  

Love and hugs!
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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