Dam It!

Meant literally, dam it, and that’s exactly what the next family project is.  Building a dam.  Not a big dam but a small compact dam.  Big enough to keep the neighbors overflow from draining off into our horse field. So, I have recruited a dam crew.  It will be the best damn dam party ever.  Food and drinks on dam Bill.  Dam Leilani will cook.  And the dam kids will be little beavers for a day.  If you remember the story about getting all the vehicles stuck after the last deluge, well, this is the sequence to the last disaster.  Our neighbors have 15 acres and their cow pasture has a pond on it.  When the pond overflows it drains behind our horse field and takes forever to dry up after a lot of rain. But we have come up with the best construction plan taken directly from our furry, flat tailed, water mammal, friends.  Gee…almost feel like something right out of Duck Dynasty!

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  After retrieving the vehicles out of the mud we had the roof patched up to repair the places where tree limbs have taken their toll.  Bill and I cleaned the gutters.  Well, I climbed the 16 foot ladder and Bill held it.  We didn’t draw straws for cleaning duty …I just figured that at 74 Bill shouldn’t be 16 feet off the ground.  Actually, Bill shouldn’t be a foot off the ground.  Ever since his mild stroke in 1999, his balance has not been very good.   So ovarian cancer gal got the call. Only one mishap and thank the good Lord it was on the ground.  Bill and I were carrying the ladder back to the shed and Bill tripped, which made me trip over the flowerbed railing and cut open my shin.  Talk about a goose egg and bruise. I’ll take advice from Reba’s new song “She Ain’t Going Out Like That”!!!   I know now why one hires people for that crap!  We had to water, never thought I’d say that again, after the first storm because we put weed and seed down. Mowing is one thing…throwing that stuff is something else.  When did this city gal get so country?

Meanwhile, in South Carolina,  Lani and TJ were battling TJ’s disaster.  He was cooking Lani a nice dinner and dropped hot butter on his foot.  Wound up in the burn center in Augusta with 3 degree burns.  But TJ is recovering quite well and was lucky he didn’t have to have surgery.  And Dr. Bevers has a complete blood work ordered this week to check on my liver and kidney counts.  But, I just reshuffle the cards I’m dealt until I create a hand that I can live with.  It’s all we all can do.  I was thinking the other day during my physical with the”Bev”…While examining the ole who-who…I hope he never calls me by the wrong name.  It’s kinda hard to tell women apart from that angle!!!

Bill and I will be traveling to Shreveport soon.  There is an ovarian cancer research and cancer survivors update conference.  Plan on selling my books and learning about the new research being done to find a cure.  Always fun to meet new people.  Especially those nice people that are going through what you are.  Life is challenging but it is what you make it!

Had lunch with dear friends Linda and David at Mel’s before Tropical Storm Bill hit.  Always a good time and great food.  This Saturday is our Anniversary.  So I feel a nice steak dinner and a wonderful bottle of wine in our near future.  It’s fun to reminisce about the years and all the fun we’ve had, the people we’ve met, the friends we cherish.  Always good to remember what my mom passed on to me….men will be men.  They can’t help it.  So, never go get your underwear stretched out of shape over something they did or said.  Not worth it!  How right you were mom…as usual.

Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend.  And keep those panties out of a knot!  Love and prayers to you all.

Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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