Love Is….

Love is God’s blessings, loving family, wonderful friends, an awesome dog, the beauty of nature, a caring doctor and great blood work results!!!  Got great news from the “Bev”.  He called me late Monday evening and told me that the complete blood work tests were all normal and to top it off the CA125 was a 2.4.  How awesome is that?  Lower than a few weeks ago.  I am experiencing mild aches under my right rib cage.  It has lingered for too long.  I will complete the ordeal with a CAT scan next Tuesday.  Just to be on the safe side.  It just feels like a combo between an ache and a bruise.  There were thoughts stored in the archives of my “incredible” little brain that maybe it was kidney or liver problem.  Heaven forbid not having a red wine during the cocktail hour.  But Dr. Bevers  convinced me not to give up the grape.  With blood work that good, don’t give up what your doing.  Makes sense to me.  First thing on Bill’s “honey do” list tomorrow is stock up on wine.  Never know when another storm may creep up on us.  Be prepared!  At least that’s what we were taught in Girl Scouts.  Too bad they didn’t have merit badges back then for wine expertise!   So, I am relieved that my up coming travels will be worry free…of course until time for the next blood count. 

Getting ready for my journey to Shreveport to sell books and go to the ovarian conference.  Pumping myself up for a great trip.  Hope to make more money for my MD Anderson cancer fund.  By the way if you are looking for a charity which will help thousands, please think about donating to the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  Dr. Mike Bevers is the trustee and decides what research the money will be given to.  When sending the donation to MD Anderson be sure to put that it goes in my fund or it will end up in a general fund.  This not only helps ovarian cancer research but breast as well because some of the trials are connected genetically.  On behalf of all the cancer patients that will benefit from this …the “Bev ” and I thank you.  Please help us find a cure!  I am also donating money from my book sales to the fund. 

Why is it that it takes 3 men to break a weed-eater and one woman to fix it.  The yard needs weed-eating…weed eater is broken.  So, I get it started and go out to weed eat…..oh, you shouldn’t be doing that it’s way to hot.  Oh really…are you going to do it?  Later.   Does any of this sound familiar?  If only it came with a remote!!!!  Just think girls we’d never see them.  It would keep them busy forever.  I also figured out if I want to shop in peace….I find a mall or stores that have an Academy or a Bass Pro  in the vicinity.  It makes spending money so much more enjoyable. 

Blessings sent out to friend Pat who is getting ready to tackle her last breast cancer chemo and preparing for her breast surgery.  Also, Bill’s daughter Jo Ann who is recovering from breast surgery.  Prayers to Olivia and Nicki and their daily battles.  Hugs to you all.

Headed to the kitchen…Chico is giving me the “LOOK”.  Time to eat grandma.  So until next time.  God bless you all and as for me I see a red wine in my near future.

Ride,Baby,Ride! And Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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