Veni vidi vici… Latin for I came, I saw, I conquered…or something like that.  Julius Caesar wrote that to the Roman Senate back in 46 BC.  A swift and conclusive victory.  Well, this week has been one of those moments.  Getting back into the swing of things after vacation, for filling obligations, community projects, church Valentine Italian Dinner, doctor appointments, housework and laundry after a vacation period of neglect.  But it’s done!  Veni, vidi, vici! 

Airing out the house to get ready for spring cleaning is about to drive Bill, Chico and Starr crazy.  When I get into that “get out of my way cleaning mode”, it’s wise to get ready to get your butt out of my path and scatter.  My Shark vacuum knows no mercy.  Oh, and neither does it’s driver.  If you are in it’s way …you are toast!  Starr stared in shock as one of her hidden dog treats was in a tornadic swirl inside the vacuum blender.  Not to mention Bill’s lottery ticket which had blown off his desk.  All was being battered in plain view it’s desperate victims.  Chico hides.  He gets that look on his face like here comes that crazy machine again.  And the eyes that say ..grandma …why are you putting me through this again?  It’s the one time a week that I feel in total power.  Me and my Shark!

The continuous turning of the AC on and the next day off…  then the heat on and off…then nothing on but ceiling fans, is driving us all nuts.  Having to reverse the fans to rotate the opposite direction every other day is high on Bill’s “I’m going to shoot a fan” day.  I have to mention that Bill’s duties consist of ceiling fan duty, scooping horse poop out of the barn when necessary, and retrieving the mail with Chico.  He and Chico are also in charge of critter control and burning tree limbs.  A man, his dog and his shotgun. And they still don’t mess with me and my Shark!  But this is all part of south/central Texas weather that we deal with in all seasons.

My new project while airing out the house is using up the food in the freezer.  Every six months it’s freezer spring and fall cleaning as well.  I love my crock pots.  So twice a year Bill gets a smorgasbord of dishes that had been ignored.  Sunday, it was boneless pork ribs with cabbage.  Yesterday it was beef stew and tomorrow will be chicken casserole of some kind.  We are big on salads so our veggies don’t last long.  And every time I cook big….my sons seem to show up out of the blue.  Radar, ESP, or whatever you want to call it….here they come.  It especially happens with spaghetti and lasagna.  The other is my chicken and noodle soup which they whine for when they don’t feel good.  But, I really enjoy cooking for all of them.

Sold several books while in Las Vegas.  Looking forward to hearing from my new friends to see what they thought about them.  And for all of you asking, I am taking notes and writing down ideas for book # 3.  Poor Dr. Bevers is probably scared to see what shows up in this one.  I am really pushing the aspect of a better understanding of ovarian cancer.  More emphasis on symptoms and risk factors.  Every cancer is different and so is the individual.  Hereditary input and so on. And the male factor.  Males carry the gene as well.  So, I think this book it will be a great tool in understanding the “silent killer”.

Have a wonderful “hump day” and live life to it’s fullest.  Embrace your family and friends…and give a shout out to God.  He’s there for you!

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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