Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas should be named “loss wages”.  But this time we were a little lucky.  Bill even found $200. on the ground.  We had a great time and ran into old friends that we only see on our visits to “sin city”.  Hated leaving our Sports Book friends Don and Kevin and the Keno gang at Harrah’s …and of course the bartenders.  But we will see them again on the next trip. And of course seeing and visiting with a good friend Pete Vallee..better known as “Big Elvis”.  You are a sweetheart my friend…hugs.  If you ever get a chance to see him…do it.  He has Elvis’s voice.  Pete is amazing.

And what Vegas trip is complete without Leilani almost falling out of her seat when she hit a straight flush in three card poker.  I went backwards and almost got disqualified from the winning hand cause my cards left the table in all the excitement.  Nice pay back and saw a mall visit in my near future.  The last night there I hit another good hand and the guy sitting next to me got excited for me and knocked over my wine…on me…on my new outfit from Banana Republic…from my winnings….which I couldn’t get completely out…..BUT that’s life.  After I got it home and worked on it a little bit it doesn’t look bad at all.  One would have to really squint and stare to see it.  

While visiting Caesar’s Mall I ran into Earl Cambell and had a couple of pictures taken with him.  We reminisced about the “Love you Blue” days and of course his Longhorn days.  What an incredibly nice guy.  And what Caesar’s visit is not complete without a shopping spree and a pizza at Spago’s.  One of Wolfgang Puck’s places.  Got to visit our friend Bridget who works there and talk over all the updates in our lives.  Bill ordered me the best salad I’ve ever had.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what was all in it but it was delicious.  Perfect compliment to the pizza.  

The Super Bowl Party at the Flamingo was awesome.  The buffet and alcohol were all free and they had everything you could want for the gathering of a rowdy bunch for football.  We are invited every year and love meeting new people each year.  Not only at the party but in the restaurants and casino’s as well.  We sat next to two ladies from California at the party.  So a shout out to Sandra and Nina. Only thing missing is the George Strait concert that we would go to every year at MGM the night before the Super Bowl.  George has retired from touring and I sure miss him. 

Before we left for Vegas, I had an appointment with my dentist Dr. Kaestner.  I had chipped my front tooth…again.  This time on a buffalo wing.  How… I don’t know but it must take real talent.  I sat calmly while I watched the needle from hell approach my mouth.  I don’t know what drug is used but even my nostrils were numb.  I thought they had removed my nose.  But I was good as new after the repair.  Amazing how they match the tooth coloring and can get it looking like your ole self.

To all of my Facebook friends that had birthdays while we were gone…Happy Birthday.  Love and hugs to you all.  Blessings!

Ride,Baby,Ride and keep Those pistols Loaded!


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