Cat Scan Results

For all asking and those interested… scan was perfectly normal.  Showed absolutely no signs of anything abnormal.  Yahoo!!!!  Thanks Dr. Bevers for such quick results…nothing like same day service!  Quite funny though.  I had a male nurse and a male tech.  Ray and George.  Ray was awesome got me prepped and port accessed for dye injection.  George was so cute.  Asked me if I wanted a female to do the rectal dye enema instead of him.  I said no…give me a good looking guy anytime.  After it was all over Ray came in to remove the tubing and flush my port.  I said ” and where were you when George was half way up my ass”?.  Ray remarked he was in the corner…cringing.  Praying I didn’t want him to do it.  Big Chicken!!!!  Thank you MD Anderson Diagnostics on Katy Freeway.  Y’all are awesome.

So, good blood work 2 weeks ago and great scan.   Life is so ever changing. 


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