Bill vs Gall Bladder

This week could not end soon enough.  Sunday we went to church and Bill was complaining about his stomach hurting.  We did chores during the day and around 5 o’clock Bill was white as a sheet and severe pain.  Called our doctor and he sent him to the emergency room.  He stayed overnight so they could run test. Cat-scan, blood work,x-rays etc.  I got home at 3:30 AM.  Got up about 7 and fed the animals and went back to the hospital.  They ran a ultrasound and found the gall bladder from hell.  The surgeon said it had to come out now before it ruptures.  So in to emergency surgery.  They removed the mushy gall bladder but there were complications.  Gall stones had passed into thee bile duct and were stuck.  This in turn had inflamed the stomach and intestines,  They scheduled the surgery for the next morning bright and early.  Went down his throat with camera and vacuum cleaner and sucked them out.  I finally brought him home late Wednesday. 

Bill rested all day yesterday while I spent the day at MD Anderson.  Had mammogram and breast exam done.  Being BRCA2 positive I have to have a mammo once a year and breast MRI once a year.  After the mammo I had the worst shooting pain under the right shoulder blade.  I guess with all the contortions they put your boobs through…and trying to work around my port, it pulled something in my back.  Slept in recliner all night with heating pad.  Still in pain but a little better.  Bill and I looked like invalid book-ends!

In the middle of running the property…a little black baby kitten shows up.  Chico is not a happy pit-bull!  But he knows to leave kitty alone and all seems manageable for now.  It’s lasted 4 days now.  I told Chico if I found a cat corpse in the middle of the den floor…he’s up for adoption!  I just feed it and give it water.  At first I couldn’t get near it…then it knew I was feeding it.  So off to the store to stock up on cat stuff.  So I guess we’ve got us a barn cat.  Taking it to the vet next week to see what gender and check up.  You should have seen the look on Bill’s face when he came home from the hospital.  Between him and Chico, I couldn’t tell you who looked more pissed!

Casey and Dusty have been in and out all week.  Helping out around their work times.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.  A big thanks to all of our caring friends too.  Great support when needed.  I love you all.  When something happens so sudden it’s hard to organize all the things that Bill does around here and the things that I do.  Linda, David, Velma, Max, Sheila and church support group. 

I get back to the regular blog next week.  God…thank you for the wonderful surgeons that You have blessed with such amazing talents to heal us.  I think the clincher was the the specialist who came in with his “cam-vac”.  What will they think of next.

Love and hugs!
Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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