Recovering Nicely

I feel like Bill and I have been in another time zone on another planet.  The last three weeks have been so bazaar.  The last blog was at the point where Bill got home from the hospital and I went for my mammogram.  The day I came home from my test I had the worst pain in my shoulder blade.  It proceeded to travel over over my back and around to the right side of my chest.  The pains were like someone was stabbing you with a knife.  The chest pain was an ache that made it hard to breathe.  So, Dr. Bevers sent me to the emergency room.  Diagnosis was pneumonia.  I almost fell over.  Where it came from I have no idea.  Probably some germs that I picked up while Bill was in the hospital.  Well, I have to blame it on something.  The doctor seems to think I had been walking around with it for a while.  Who knows?!!!

So, seven days of antibiotics and pain meds…which the pain meds I refused to take… I am recovering nicely.  With all the nausea and pain I lost 14 pounds.  I am anxious to start having my wine in the afternoon again.  I’ve been such a home body that I really had to concentrate to drive to church this morning.  Getting better each day and the big thing is actually sleeping at night.  Plus a small power nap in the afternoon that charges me up for the evening chores.  Bill has recovered nicely. 

The first day Bill was in the hospital, I was at home feeding the animals and from the kitchen window I see a black critter walking across the yard.  I thought it was a baby skunk.  Turns out that it’s a kitten.  Solid black and badly in need of care .  I took it in and fed it a little and got it to quit crying.  It was nothing but ribs.  I felt so bad for it.  Every one that knows us knows that Bill and I are dog people.  Nothing against cats..just never had them.  This little thing adopted us.  So it has been here over two weeks now.  Bill and I took it to the vet, found out it’s a little girl, she is about 8 weeks now, and we named her Cleopatra.  That cat is a hoot.  So, we got it’s shots and tests and all is good.  She weighs 2 pounds now and we have to wait till she gets about 5 pounds to spay her.  Cleo has her places to hide and play.  She already strong enough to climb half way up our trees, and has convinced Chico that she is part of the pack.  Casey built her a tree house, with in- door/outdoor carpet,  sporting a winding staircase up to level one.  Named it …”The Best Little Cat House In Texas”… Cleopatra thinks it’s awesome and plays in there quite a bit. 

This week is full of catch-ups.  Grocery, laundry, errands, and book engagements.  I’m glad that the good Lord has given me the ability to heal quickly.  Hopefully, I can have lunch with friend Velma and squeeze a haircut into our lunch date.  Other than that am sure we are like everyone else in the country and staying out of the heat.  We water in the evening and the birds love it.  We must have 20 cardinals at the front sprinkler and about the same at the back one.  Squirrels, turkeys, and rabbits join in. 

Prayers out to all in need.  Added a young man named David to my prayer jar.  Only a teenager and battling heart problems.  Please pray for David to have successful heart surgery.  To friend Gwen recovering from ovarian cancer surgery…hang in there my friend.  To friend Pat who had successful breast surgery.  Yahoo! God is great!  Prayers to all in my prayer jar.  Love and hugs to you all.

Ride,Baby,Ride! and Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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