One Thing After Another

It’s been over two weeks since my last update.  Bill and I have not stopped.  Medical problems arose and then we left town for a few days and then medical problems returned.  All in all, we are tired of not feeling up to par.  After the recovery of Bill’s “Gall Bladder” episode and my pneumonia bout, we set off to Bossier City for a 4 day get-away. Relaxing and fun we got to visit with friends there and returned to a well taken care of home.  Our house sitter/animal caregiver Amy, did an amazing job with the place.  Chico and Cleopatra looked for her days after she left.  Horses Bud and Poco miss that extra TLC.  But we rewarded them yesterday with a pedicure. 

I am still having trouble with the pain in my neck and collar bone area.  The only way to describe it is a bruised feeling that kicks it up a notch to full blown pain when it wants to.  Have an appointment with Dr. Bing today to see what we can come up with.  Could be left over from the pneumonia or it could be as simple as me needing new pillows.  Bill is recovering nicely.  No problems since his double surgery.  He was just very fortunate that God took over in church and told him to get his little ass to the hospital.  HE does work in mysterious ways.

Looking forward to Lani coming in for a long weekend.  She is in one of her best friends wedding taking place in Austin.  So I’ll pick her up from the airport and we will drive to Austin and have a great “girls” weekend.  Bill is stuck with taking care of the critters. 

Kitty Cleopatra has really grown and thinks she is “Queen Bee”.  Very entertaining to say the least.  Always into something.  Chico has quit stealing her food.  He so gives himself away when he is guilty of something.  But he does protect her.  The other night she was hiding in her kitty hide-away when something crashed close to her.  Chico went ballistic.  A bandit was on the porch.  Well, it looked like a bandit to him….he was donning a mask.   A rather large racoon was checking out the water bowl.  Needless to say, Cleo stayed still and Chico took care of the rest.  Chico and bandit stared at each other through the front door glass and both took off.  Chico through his doggy door and bandit up a nearby tree.  Cleo just watched in amusement.  Now she’s thinking …”so that’s what a dog’s for”!  All ended well.  Everybody returned to where they were supposed to be…in one piece.

I am in the process of having Ride,Baby,Ride! printed again.  I have had lots of requests for that book and we were getting low.  So Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Ride,Baby,Ride! website are being restocked.  So please let me know if you have any trouble getting a copy. 

Lots of prayers going out.  Please pray for David…a teenage grandson of good friends who will have to face heart surgery soon.  My friend Gwen who starts her chemo today.  I pray that it goes smoothly and no nausea.  Friend Olivia, who I pray for daily on her journey.  And to all of those who continually ask for prayer help.  Please know my prayer warriors are with you.  Love and peace to you all.


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