Kitty Kapers

Boy, have things changed around here.  Cleopatra rules!  The critters of Mother Nature are learning the hard way.  I had to talk to the hummingbirds about the now designated “no fly zone”.  One low swoop could do you in.  With her acrobatic endeavors, Kitty Cleo has mastered the take off and jump technique to snatch the little guys right out of the air.  God only knows when she finally achieves this feat I’ll be in tears.  Our hummingbirds trust us and fly to the feeders while we hang them after refilling.  The cardinals and blue birds keep their distance while, the blue jays seem to taunt her.  She hasn’t figured out what to do about the cottontails and squirrels.  And the turkeys are too large at this point to mess with.   The Texas jack rabbits are as large as medium size dogs and could out run my Jeep….so I’m assuming they are out of her league.  The day will come when Cleo ventures out a bit and becomes acquainted with the horses.   Can’t wait to see this.

Bill and I can’t wait for football to start.  We renewed our Texan tickets and made the two pre-season games here in Houston.  Regular season starts Sept. 13th.  And of course college football.  We are never bored Aug. through Feb.  I have already received hazing from Bama fans.  You know who you are!  But anyway….gearing up to see the cutie rear-ends.  A wine, a rear-end in tight football pants, binoculars, and the love of the game.  I’m set.

Man, things are getting strange in this world.  The stock market scare (had Bill in a tail spin for awhile), the excitement about the 2016 election, the hero Americans that saved the train in France from a terrorist, and now another hurricane headed in.  It looks like we will be hunkering down for things to come.  I prepare a survival kit each year and I went through it to see what needed to be replaced.  Bill fired up the generator to make sure it was ready to go.  Bought several box wines to keep in the pantry.  Easy to store and incredibly cheap for emergencies.  Wine, generator, and Scooby Doo band-aids … life is good!

Prayer warriors get ready.  I want to add a lady facing the unknown of pancreatic cancer…Kay.  Teenager David, friend Olivia, and all who have contacted me.  Thank you to Carol W. for the nice things said about Ride,Baby,Ride! and I received your check which will be deposited in the Ride,Baby,Ride! Fund.  I hope you enjoy “They’re Pistols” as well.  Let’s all work together for a cure.  I see Dr. Bevers on Thursday.  CA 125 was good and now just waiting to have the “ole WHO” examined.  Please pray for great things. 

Love and hugs to you all.

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