Handling Nature

I know that God didn’t say life is simple …rather…He’ll never give you anymore than you can handle.  So why did he send me that cat?!!!   Cleopatra is something else.  And since everyone has been asking about her, I will bring all up to date on that little brat.  Bill and I took Chico and Cleo to the vet today.  Yes, at the same time in the same vehicle.  Not to mention, Chico was not happy riding to the vet with the cat.  But…equally…the cat was not happy riding to the vet with Chico.  Bill can’t hear crap so he didn’t have to deal with the sounds of distress.  If we had passed a bar I would have made him stop. So, Chico got his rabies booster and Cleo got her last set of rabies and cat leukemia injections.  Chico has gained 8 lbs. and Cleo now weighs 4.8 lbs. I told the vet Chico eats more to block the cat out of his mind.  We will have to take her back to get spay in a month or so.  The vet said if you think that she is going in heat to bring her in.  God forbid anymore “Cleoettes” running around.  Doc also said to keep an eye on her for the signs.  Which are: are if she starts rubbing up to you more or getting more amorous around us.  Bill better get his Viagra ready if he wants to keep up with the Tom cats.  

Cleo has a best friend…Mr. Turkey.  All the other turkeys have migrated for the fall except Cleo’s buddy.  They walk around the yard together.  She only stares at the squirrels and birds.  The hummers are flying so low that it won’t be long before one will fly too low messing with her and become dinner.  One squirrel gets real close to the deck and provokes her with it’s tail.  Cleo is more entertained than aggressive towards it.  Then, Bill and I are sitting out having a wine on the front deck and here comes “Miss Prissy” out from under the deck shaking her head and pawing at her face.  She ran over to me with a huge Daddy-long leg stuck to her whiskers.  We laughed so hard.  And wussy Bill didn’t want to touch it….so I knocked it off of her.  It was so funny.  Cleo won’t stick her nose in the spider’s business again.

Had an interesting critter cross our yard yesterday.  An albino fox.  It was so fast that we barely had a glimpse of it before it darted in the bushes.  I hope that it returns.  We would love to get some pictures.  The squirrels, all hundred of them, need to quit multiplying.  They chase each other up and down, around and around, while attacking the bird feeders and breaking them.  The squirrels “date night” is 24/7.   I guess the pursuit is most of the fun.

Two new prayer list friends.  Please prayer warriors,  add Joan (ovarian recurrence) and Bonnie (lung biopsy)  to your prayers.  Happy Birthday to friend Olivia.  I wish I could make your party but I will be in Austin for a wedding.  Continued prayers for Gwen…going through chemo after her ovarian cancer surgery.  Hugs to you all.


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