Relax And Deal With It

OMG …. don’t even know where I left off last blog and where to begin this one.  Time has flown by and Bill and I have been so busy.  I literally got a glass of wine last night and stretched out on the chase lounge under the stars, just to catch my breath.  I think it was the Dalai Lama that said something to the effect that tomorrow there are no guarantees …. yesterday is lost….so today is your destiny.  In my pondering of life under the stars, I thought about how thankful I am for each day and what I have learned through life to make every day meaningful to me and to others.  I know, kinda deep for an old broad but never the less true.

My biggest achievement in the last two weeks has been to find a way to disrupt the multiplication and migration of those damn love-bugs!  They are so annoying in so many ways. Not to mention you have to watch hundreds of them screw at the same time!!!! But thanks to the recipe on Yahoo…..I have mastered the task.  Get a spray bottle and mix water, dish-washing liquid (something citrus), and Listerine.  Shake well and spray.  It won’t hurt the other critters and won’t hurt the plants.  Without all the sounds of their buzzing around, and the distraction of trying to knock the hell out of them with the flyswatter…it was so quiet you could hear a cricket fart.

Lani flew in on Thursday evening and her friend Amy and I picked her up at the airport.  We loaded her ass in the Jeep and headed back to the house to meet up with Bill and her other friends Ebie and Patsie.  Bill watched football and went to bed like a good husband so the girls could party.  Everyone brought their favorite dish and we got intoxicated.  Patsie and I went to bed about 2:30 and the rest went to bed as we were getting up.  Poor Lani had to get up about 10 so we could head for Austin.  She was a bridesmaid in her good friend Sara’s wedding.  It was so nice and I have to brag on the rehearsal dinner.  It was at Franklin’s BBQ in downtown Austin.  This place has been on the food channel several times.  It is amazing.  Please try it out if you go to Austin.  But… first come, first serve.  They open at 8AM and put a sold out sign on the door when they run out.  People start lining up at 6AM and the line is wrapped around the corner by 8.

Bill had his routine heart ultrasound on Monday and tomorrow he has his stitches removed form the top of his head.  Another cancer spot removed.  This was not a fun one due to it’s location but he is doing fine.  Yesterday we received our flu shots from the Kroger pharmacy and our pharmacist Steve.  So hopefully we are through for a while.  Too much drama!

A shout out to Gwen, Joan, Bonnie, Pat and all of you that are going through cancer, radiation and chemo treatments.  My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday.  Thank you Joan in Rhode Island, you made my day with the mention of my books on Facebook.  And with your 11 year battle you should write a book as well.   The experiences that we go through fighting this stupid cancer is really a medicine for others to keep fighting.  We have to laugh at some of the things the doctors put us through.  Half the stuff no one would believe.  But like I said….you can’t make this stuff up.

Going to be a busy weekend.  So more next week.

Love and hugs!


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