Just Another Noisy Day!

What is it with men and noise?  Bill and I have nothing planned for two days.  Just to-do’s around the house.  Catch up on laundry, mowing, etc.  So, our usual rise and shine time is 6AM.  I decided to snuggle in with the day of rain and then it started.  Every time Bill moved there was a noise that Beethoven could hear!  I bury my head in the pillow and I hear the microwave slam.  Kitchen drawers closing with the sound of a sonic boom.  The back door closes with a bang that could induce an earthquake.  He turns the TV on and the audio is blasting.  While turning off the porch lights he knocks a picture off the wall that was hung over the light switch.  And that my friends was the clincher.  I get up to assess the damage.  I talked to Lani and she said TJ does the same things.  She said you should hear the noises that come out of the kitchen when he cooks.  Pots and pans rattling, stuff left out of the fridge, pantry door opening and closing fifty times in 5 minutes, and trash everywhere even though the trash can is 2 feet from him.  I know Bill is hard of hearing and has no idea of the volume of all he does but OMG..ya got to know that it’s being heard in China!

Been a busy weekend.  Went to the Big Brother Big Sister Gala on Saturday.  Always a good time and a great cause.  Spent time with old friends and met many new ones.  We donated to the raffle and the auction.  The raffle was for an Audi and the auction we bought a autographed baseball signed by Brooks Robinson.  Danced till midnight and got home about 2AM.  Up at 7 to leave for the Texan game at 8.  After returning home from the Texan game we both hit our favorite chairs and crashed!

Yesterday morning, after getting my first cup of coffee, I go out to mess with the cat.  Found something on the front deck that I have no idea what the corpse belonged to but only the pelt was left.  I pick up the hide with a paper towel…while gagging….and Miss Prissy is so proud of herself.  At least it wasn’t at the door mat.  Then I watch Cleopatra as she finds a place to poop.  She proceeds to dig where Mr. Mole has his tunnel.  Poor thing will be crawling back and forth and will run into a pile of crap.  Then she decides to play with Mr. Turkey.  She messes with him until he’s had enough and flaps his wings and Cleo goes flying 4 feet sideways and runs back to home base.  So, that was the start of my day.

September has flown by but please remember that it is Ovarian Cancer Month.  Two days left to wear the TEAL.  Prayers to our fighters that are in DC today to talk to Congress for advancements in ovarian cancer care.  Next month it turns to pink for all of those battling breast cancer.  Please say prayers for a cure.  To all my prayer warriors please remember a few that are in my prayer jar.  Pat, Bonnie, Gwen, Olivia, and a new friend from the other side of the pond, Adina.  Adina bought Ride,Baby,Ride! and needs our hope and strength.  Blessings to all.

Love and Hugs,

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