Another Kill Bill Moment!

Just returned from a road trip.  Bill and I had the best time traveling to Shreveport last Friday and returning late Monday.   We enjoyed another wonderful weekend at the Horseshoe in Bossier City.  While Bill enjoyed his blackjack, I was busy visiting with people and exchanging business cards and selling books.  So many kind people suffering from different adversities and willing to share their stories.  God works in mysterious ways, as we all know, but… He has given me a gift that I didn’t know I had.  The art of really listening.  I started out on this cancer journey in 2010.  Seems like a million years ago when that horrible word was ringing in my ear.  Oh, it still rings but I have the knowledge and strength now to give what I’ve learned to others and use others to teach me as well.  It’s like starting other with a different life…a different identity…a completely different world.  When I hear the different situations… my problems don’t seem so large.  I am truly blessed to meet so many incredible warriors on my journey.

Of course we can’t have a casino weekend without a “Bill” moment.  And this one’s a doozie.  Late one night I was sitting at a table and this lady comes up to me and holds out a players card that belongs to Bill.  She asked me if this was my husband.  I laughed and said …yes, thinking he had lost his card.  Then she proceeds to tell me that they were taking him up to our room…in a wheelchair.  I freaked out.  I thought he had had a stroke or something.  She said he was a little under the “weather”.  Turned out the “weather” in this story was Crown Royal.  I could have killed him.  What had happened was Bill got up to go to the bathroom after sitting for a couple of hours playing and drinking Crown.  And it hit!  Like a brick.  On returning to his table he forgot where he was playing.  Had to ask a pit boss to help him find his money and chips.  Needless to say Crown Royal is no longer in his future.  He ought to be happy his wife still is!!!!! 

Can’t believe we are already.. almost.. half way into October.  The only thing I miss living so far out in the country is decorating for the holidays.  I still love doing the inside of house and front gate but we just don’t hang lights on the outside or get ready for trick-or-treaters anymore.  Because… there are no kids around.  Actually a good thing because there now is no candy leftover to get fat on.  Always a positive side to everything.  We do miss the Fulshear Farms hayride that the fire engine would lead and all the kiddos jump off and run to the houses.  Bill dressing up as the grim-reaper, would sit in the porch rocker and not move. The kids always thought he was fake.  I don’t know how he kept from laughing.  They would touch him or poke his arm and he would not move.  For years he did that and for years the kids thought he was a dummy.  Well…that parts debatable.  He he he!!!

Love and hugs to all in my friends in my prayer jar.  Unfortunately, I have had to add more names and it hurts me every time I drop that piece of paper in the jar.  Please continue to pray for all that need our spiritual support.  Remember we have each other.  And from this world into our next we will always be together.


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