Look Out Kitty’s Back!

What a wild couple of weeks.  But we are sailing right along.  Cleopatra has been spay and can now roam as she wishes, have sex when she likes and we have no worries.  We took her in Friday morning at 8.  No food or water and she was pissed.  Cried the whole way there.  Her surgery was that morning and the vet called and said Cleo pulled through like a champ. They have now nicknamed her “Queenie” because she thought she ruled the roost over there.  For some reason that doesn’t surprise me at all.  We picked her up Saturday morning and was she glad to see us.  Since we had to keep her calm for a few days and keep her wound clean we made her a kitty cave in the study and study bathroom.  For precautionary reasons, we took the shower curtain down, closed the toilet seat lid, covered the computer key board, hid wires and brought in her bedding and bowls and added the litter box. (Cleo has always bath-roomed  outside so we were not even sure she knew what to do with it).  Crash….first thing to go was Bill’s stash of Milk Duds.  Now…we are talking sacred here.  No one, nothing, touches Bill’s Milk Duds.  Next, the rearranging of the books in the bookshelf….the telephone answering machine going off in the middle of the night…the computer wire…the electric pencil sharpener…Chico’s pillow….and the wall calendar.  Gave her pain pills..but they didn’t help, she still was a pain in the ass! (Oh, you mean they don’t get rid of pain in the butts)?  Then, after the first night she settled down and did very well.  So, this morning it was back to the real world and fresh air.  

  Dear friend Amy came out on Sunday and we cleaned out the storage shed.  Got rid of so much stuff.  Organized and labeled everything.  Retrieved the Halloween decorations and put out my ceramic “pumpkin people”.  The pumpkin people are a little creepy looking.  My daughter-in-law Michele… when she was still alive…. hated my pumpkin people….said they were evil.  So now that she is in the spiritual world I always put them near her picture to bug her.  I’m sure something will happen to one of them.  Probably find one of them face down.  LOL!

Bill and I went to the Big Brother Big Sister luncheon at Minute Maid Park last Thursday.  It turned out to be a great day for the organization.  Lots of donations made and lots of them matched.  Big turn out.  Thanks to Pierce Bush and his crew for a job well done.  I know daddy was smiling down and so proud of the progress that has been made. 

God has created movie nights for our property.  Turkeys always kept us busy but have now migrated to where ever they go in winter.  I mean, I don’t blame them with Thanksgiving around the corner and turkey dinners in everyone’s mind.  But now we have the gray fox family.  Every night about 6, they are waiting in the woods by the fence.  We throw them leftovers (which we call the critter bowl) that we thought was being consumed by the raccoon family.  They are beautiful.  Looks like mom and dad with a young one.  They growl and bark like dogs.  But we mind our business and they mind theirs.  Makes one wonder what goes on out there at night.  The true “midnight madness”!!!!

God bless you all.  Love and hugs!

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