Nothing Like a Good Scare

Scary moments were more than a Halloween trick around here.  Woke up at midnight on October 21 and felt really strange.  Nothing that I could exactly put my finger on so I took my blood pressure.  As Bill snored like a freight train I was staring at numbers I could not believe.  Number one….I’ve never had high blood pressure in my life.  Number two I have never chewed up a Bayer aspirin so fast.  201/98!!!!  Woke Bill up and poor Dr. Bing and drove to the hospital.  Thank the good Lord the ER was empty.  I had everyone’s undivided attention.  The nurses accessed my port and drew blood and prepared it in case I needed an IV.  They took a chest x-ray and blood pressure was now 205/101.  X-ray and blood work showed no damage to the heart. That didn’t keep me from freaking out!  Turns out that I had been taking some energy pills when I did my daily workouts.  (Something called “Zantrex” (sp). and not to be confused with Zantac).   Thank goodness I only took one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Saw our Cardio dude that morning after promising the ER doctor I would see him immediately if she would discharge me.  Doc put me on some blood pressure pills, low dose, so that he could wean me off of them if need be.  It took a few days to get it down but each day it got a little bit better.  I’m now sitting at 116/68.  Yahoo!!!!!  I go back in one month for a recheck.  Never take energy anything! 

Bill and I got back from a short jaunt to Vegas.  Our friend Pete Valle was in a bad car wreck and was returning to work.  So, we packed up to see our pal start singing again.  If you ever get to Vegas, go see The Big Elvis Show.  Pete sounds just like Elvis.  The best Elvis in Vegas award for many years running.  We love you Pete!  While there, we attended a wonderful cocktail party given by our Caesar’s hostess Melissa.  Received two leather jackets given by Caesar’s Entertainment and played our favorite 3 card poker.  Had a great time and recovered from my scare a few days earlier.

On our return, we had lunch with our good friends Linda and David.  Trying to do clothes and getting the house ready for Halloween I must have misplaced something.  Because on our way to lunch I kept thinking what is wrong with this pair of panties?  Nothing like a dryer sheet up your ass.  Well, at least my bottom smells better than it ever has and my butt is softer! 

Cleo is as crazy as ever.  Bill said the wind must have picked up because the big red umbrella on the front deck was going around and around.  Looked out there and that damn cat had jumped from the walkway railing on top of the umbrella.  You would have thought she was a kid at the park.  Having a blast.   We got her down from there and now she is stalking the Carolina Wren family.  Get her attention away from them and she’s eyeing the squirrels.  I’m tired of babysitting…headed for the wine!  Now, who do you think has her head in my wine?

Peace and love my friends.  Fight like a girl!

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