No Task too Great

My mother used to say that to be successful, learn a little something about as many things that you can.  I have done my best.  Knowledge is power!!  So, I went to the store bought a toilet kit and went to work.  Turned off the water….took the tank lid off, took off the broken chain and flapper, replaced it, turned water back on, made sure it worked, and returned the tank lid.  It cost $2.50 for the kit.  I was so proud of myself.  Now, this was after one week of trying to get Bill to fix it.  I finally said to myself…Self, we can do this.  Bill, is forbidden to use that toilet!!!!  It is now mine!!!!  He can use one of the other two or go nature it.  My mom used to call the plumber every time she saw dad head to the bathroom with a wrench.  So, I should be thankful that it didn’t turn into a $200. job.  Bill couldn’t believe that I did it without him….really? 🙄

For a couple of days we were having cell phone problems.  I’m learning but with this phone I have now you cannot take the battery out.  It kept saying something was wrong with the card….so I drove to Verizon and not only did we get it fixed, they dropped our bill by $25. a month.  Will wonders ever cease?  So, now I have saved us about $225.

I think I’m partially responsible for global warming!  Last night I had a hot flash to end all others. Although, I have not had that many lately.  Found out Bill had turned the air off because it was supposed to drop to high 40’s, to low 50’s overnight.  We had the ceiling fans going and my bedside oscillating fan (which I share with Chico) but it didn’t seem to be enough.  I woke up soaking wet.  I took off everything and put a towel under me to soak up the dampness in the sheets.  So Bill wakes up thinking he got lucky and I’m ready to do “the deed” at 2 AM……Bill, you are dreaming…go back to sleep, I’m really not naked.  Do you know… he did!  Boy, did he miss out.  He even asked me about it this morning over coffee.  I said what are you talking about?  I’ll play it as long as I can.  He lost out physically but, I saved him a little electricity cost.  Now, the total is about $235. 

I am now in the market for septic filters for the washing machine.  They are mesh baggies that hang in the filter tank beside the washer so that all the lent and dirt is filtered out before it goes into the septic system.  Don’t know why one really needs them, I mean, does one filter their poop before it heads to it’s final resting place underground?  No one has them.  I have tried Ace, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Tractor Supply.  I have been on line and still no luck.  So, it looks like I may have to make my own.  It doesn’t look too hard.  Although, you are looking at a gal who has a favorite seamstress to do that stuff.  But I’m on a save money kick trend…so I’m ready for the challenge.  Who knows what the price of the filters are but I’m guessing about $20. a piece.  OK…$255. in savings.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Family and dear friends will be here to celebrate all of our blessings.  Lani will miss Thanksgiving Day but will be here shortly afterwards.  We will miss the loved ones that will have the celebration with their families.  Some of the relatives have really expanded their numbers!   Bill and I ordered the Honey baked Ham.   We dug out the roasters to cook the turkey and cornbread dressing in.  Then, Bill and I will take a deep breath and a tall glass of wine and enjoy our home.

Blood pressure is fine.  Pills helped.  Will see the Cardio dude next week to see if he will keep me on them.  Thank you for the prayers.  And, special prayers to all in my prayer jar.  You are loved and have God’s blessings.

Love and Hugs!
Ride,Baby,Ride! And Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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