Panning For Poop!

It has come to my attention that owning a cat adds certain skills to your resume.   The 49er’s panned for gold…..Leilani pans for poop!  The scooper with holes, so that kitty litter falls through and poop nuggets stay in the scooper.  Now, believe it or not, it takes skill not to make a huge mess.  Bill did it once…I fired him.  There was kitty litter everywhere.  Even Cleopatra ran and hid.  Not that this will ever be an Olympic event but wouldn’t it be fun to watch! 

Every morning we let Chico out first then feed him.  Cleopatra watches from her high-rise in the study.  This morning she wasn’t in the window.  I walked over to look in the window to see where she was.  Do you know that little stinker was in front of the security camera monitor watching us on the back porch.  She has figured it all out.  When she is inside and wants to find us …she goes to the security camera.  What a hoot.

Bill and I had four 40ft. pine trees cut down.  Talk about a mastered skill.  These guys climb those trees…anchor a chain…cut them down and they fall right where they say it will.  The trees had died due to beetle destruction.  And where the beetles go so goes the woodpeckers.  Everyday about 6 of them have been very busy.  We are not talking redheaded woodpeckers, we are talking the huge Pileated woodpeckers.  The ones that look like Woody Woodpecker.  They are beautiful and loud!  And they do make a call very similar to Woody’s.  After the removal they were raising all kinds of Hell.  That the crap?  Where are our trees?  Very comical.

Had a wonderful sunday with Dusty, Amy, and Haley.  They came over after church yesterday and we a blast.  Got to fire up the outdoor fireplace with the cool evening and watched nature.  One of the gray foxes showed up.  And was it in heaven.  We had fried chicken, potato salad, and spicy green beans.  Amy takes credit for the Italian green beans.  I made the potato salad.  And the best little homemade eating joint in Navasota made the fried chicken.  It’s right across the highway from our church so it was convenient to pick up on our way home.  It really is the best fried chicken, all of us agreed, that we have ever had.  And I make some good fried chicken but for the price and no mess…I’m all in.  So, the fox got all kinds of yummy leftovers. 

I was on Facebook this morning reading the Teal Mobile news.  Unfortunately we lost another sister to ovarian cancer.  Darla lost her 5 year battle yesterday.  Please send prayers out to her family and ask God to take her in His arms and know that finally her suffering has ended.  I do pray for all that need our support and hope that they find a cure for these horrible different types of cancer.  And to our French friends, God bless you all.  Let’s hope this terror stops soon.  Please to all….be safe!

Love and hugs!
Ride,Baby,Ride! And Keep Those Pistols Loaded!

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