I Feel You Near!

Would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  May God’s blessings be on us all.  I hope if you are traveling, that your trip be safe and peaceful.  We are in such a confusing time.  Our world has turned upside down and smart decisions need to be made.  Please stay aware of your surroundings.  Bill and I send our love to you all.

I wrote this down shortly after my mother passed away.  I was sitting watching it rain.  The raindrops were so beautiful hitting the window and running down to the sill.  I felt an amazing feeling.  I just started writing not knowing why.  I’m sure many will be thinking of loved ones that have moved on to the spiritual side during the Holiday Season.

“I hear footsteps and they’re not mine.  I feel a heart beating faster…and it is mine.
I look around expecting someone to be standing there.  But they’re not.
The feeling is overwhelming and I get goosebumps. There is someone there!
Someone I love.  Someone so dear to me that I can smell them. 
I sit here watching the rain and embracing this moment of pure love and total peace”.

I knew it was mom telling me she was OK and at peace.  That she was with God.  The raindrops were angel tears of happiness.  And I knew then and there she was with me and we will be together one day.  May all of you find that peace this Thanksgiving. 


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