Catching My Breath

Hi y’all.  The last two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Fun with family and friends.  The nippy weather added to the fun mostly because we could fire up the outdoor fireplace.  I survived the “weight gaining” holiday with a mere 3 pounds added to my ass.  My friend Linda from church made her famous “Death by Chocolate” cake.  And it was such a hit, I ordered another one for when Lani came in from South Carolina.  And Lani and I did our annual mom/daughter date to see “A Christmas Carol” at the Alley Theater.  Then dinner at Birraporetti’s.  Got in more trouble than usual.  But it doesn’t take much to get us going.

Got several doctor appointments out of the way.  Eye doctor visit was a relief because it was a re-check for glaucoma.  And thank goodness it was not.  My cardio dude was happy with the results that the blood pressure pill was giving so I was dropped to only 5 mg a day.  So real pleased about that as well.  And then there was a visit to see “The Bev”.  My CA125 was excellent…2.9.  And “the who” exam was all good.   During the exam…while “The Bev” is doing his thing between the legs, my phone rings.  Bill is looking at it and said it’s Patty.  I told him I’d call her later when my legs were together.  But my ring tone for my cell is Dean Martin’s “Amore”.  So Dean is singing…when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie..that’s amore,  I told Dr. Bevers how lucky could one lady be…serenaded by Dean Martin while having the who-who  invaded by my handsome doctor.  Bill was cracking up…Bev was on the floor, the nurse (who was new and didn’t know how I am) was beet red,  and I was in Heaven!  When we got through with the exam I called Patty back to tell her what ciaos she had caused and she was laughing so hard I thought she was going to have a wreak because she was driving between Ohio and Tennessee visiting her kids.  Just another day at the office…he-he!

The foxes are still visiting every night and we are still feeding the family.  The squirrels are so fat they look like steroid critters from a different planet.  We have seen lots of deer and so we have started throwing more corn their way.  Birds must have migrated.  we do have a few cardinals still coming late in the evening.  But lots of hawks.  Chico and Cleopatra are still tolerating each other.  I still get “that look” from Chico every now and then …but all in all…all is well.

Bill has been out burning limbs and leaves.  We had 4 dead trees cut down and Grimes County had been under a burn ban.  So now we are able to burn lots of the limbs.  We had a lot of it cut up into fire wood.  But, since it’s pine, we can’t burn it in the indoor fireplace …but it sure makes the outdoor fireplace smell good.  When Lani was here, our dear friend and second daughter to me, Amy, had a blast.  It was cold, we were hauling wood like Paul Bunyan, drinking wine, and had a blast sitting out by the fire and swinging in the swings. Amy and I also took Lani shopping and out to lunch in College Station.  Went to Willie G’s and then went down the street to the Dixie Chicken…great time.  Linda and David took us to their hang out “Time Out”  and we had a fun lunch with their friends “the funky bunch” right before we took Lani to the airport.  I miss her so much.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Get ready for Santa…which means …BE GOOD…. right!  A shout out to friend Carrie who made the announcement that she and her cutie husband are expecting in June.  Congrats my friends.  Prayers to all in need.  A special prayer request to my friend Olivia who has now receiving hospice for ovarian cancer.  Blessings my dear friend …love and hugs!

Merry Christmas


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