Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.  Our New Year’s Day was filled with football and good food.  Yesterday we attended  the Texan/Jaguar  game.  And were excited for our BIG win.  So playoffs for Texans will begin this Saturday.  All I can say as a season ticket owner for a few years….it’s about time!  So, good luck to our Texans.

Tomorrow is the 12TH Day of Christmas so all decorations come down tomorrow.  My mom was insistent that it was good luck to leave all Christmas stuff up until January 5TH.  So, here’s to you mom…for another tradition that is on your list of many.  The family looks forward to all of them all year long. 

I have a breast MRI scheduled for the end of this month.  Just precautionary ….I get one each year due to being BRCA 2 positive.  It’s just the point that you have to stick your hanging boobs in boxes and lie there perfectly still  for 45 minutes with that horrible noise in claustrophobic conditions.  But it’s one for the ole body …so each year I endure it once again.  Speaking of old body…..January 21ST brings up #65.  Where on earth the the time go?  Not complaining…it’s been 6 extra years this month that God gave me to live.  The surgery seems like it was a million years ago but the chemo’s feel like yesterday and something one hopes doesn’t need to happen again…ever.  Praying for a cure to these horrible cancers that have taken lives and have deprived us of time with family and friends. 

The horses have really enjoyed the cooler weather.  For two old farts they are running around as frisky as 4 year olds.  Hard to believe they are 20.   They had their pedicures done on Saturday.  So nails trimmed and a good brushing has made them feel like young guys again.  The cat is getting big.  Cleopatra is as spoiled as the rest of our furry friends.  Chico is still trying to tolerate a cat in the family but doing so good at it.  Fox family still visits nightly to have dinner and the babies are really growing.  Well I guess so, with a nightly feast of holiday leftovers and daily table scraps.  And I am trying to get used to Bill not hearing a damn thing.  A daily challenge to say the least.  But I’m learning to talk to myself and go find him if I need something. And talking to ones self ain’t so bad.  In fact it gives me an excuse to have a conversation with myself without being interrupted   See, little things make me so happy.

So for 2016 I hope that I will be faithful in my strive to be a better person.  A better version of myself.  I will work on little things to help others and make others happy.  I know that nice things can cause a echo effect.  They will spread for the better.  So…cheers my friends for a blessed 2016.  Love and Hugs to you all.


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