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Do you ever have that feeling that something is about to hit the fan but you can’t put your finger on it?  Well, I have felt like that for a entire week now.  Either some news from the “underworld” or a breakdown of a major appliance…something!  So, it hit.   And not only did it hit …it hit twice.  Bill went to get a load of hay for the horses.  When he got to the hay barn the tailgate handle on the truck..broke.  Have it in the shop now to replace the broken one.  Driving home from dropping off the truck we hear a weird sound coming from the front, right tire of the Jeep.  Not a brake pad sound but an indescribable sound.  So once we get the truck back the Jeep will go in for a once over.  Mom always says things come in threes …gee, I can’t wait!

Last week was my major clean week.  Every room got a major overhauling.  Top to bottom, inside and out,  every piece of furniture moved and cleaned.  But, once you clean you rearrange and put stuff in different places.  I was on a mission that I was very proud of.  Until……I tried to find something I needed and had no idea where I put it.  Is it possible to clean so well that you forget of new hiding places and what was put in what tote or box?  I had to tear up what I had just methodically cleaned and categorized.  Oh well, can’t complain because I found so many things I forgot we had.  

My friend Pat gave me a tip on an antioxidant that might help if you are having problems after chemo or just a neuropathy problem from other ailments.  Alpha Lipoic Acid  is an antioxidant that can regenerate the activity of other antioxidants supporting nerve health and sugar metabolism.  My tingling in my fingers and  toes went away quite quickly.  But I have heard good things about it and it’s over the counter in your pharmacy. 

Been deep in James Patterson’s new book…Murder House.  Like most of his books I don’t want to put it down. It annoys Bill cause I completely tune him out.  But I feel this is divine justice.  Bill can’t hear me 24/7 so I at least get a few hours of complete bliss with James Patterson to assist.  Cleopatra tries to play with me during my reading meditation but when she sees the book some out she goes in her condo and takes a cat nap. 

Had a great time with old swimming friends Donna and Debra.  They own Griff’s Bar and Grill in the Montrose area.  Bill and I met up with them for lunch and a lot of great catching up.  Best Buffalo Wings I ever had and Bill was all in his hamburger and fries.   If you want the atmosphere of a ole time bar, great food, and nice people….go visit Griff’s. Next week we have lunch with BBBS to go over the scholarship fund that is in my dad’s name to help kids to get to college.  It was started before dad passed away and continues to thrive and assist kiddos that make great grades and become outstanding in our community.

Prayers out to my dear friend Patty who lost her brother to bladder cancer.  And to all in need of prayer my daily prayers are sent.  Have a blessed weekend and be safe.

Love and Hugs,

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