65 and Counting

Well, it came as fast as it went.  But I’d rather have them than not.  Got too close to that a couple of times.  Not fun at all.  So, turning the big 65 was a well welcomed birthday.  Thank you to all the Facebook birthday wishes.  I am so blessed to have so many great friends in my life.  Bill took me out to eat and a wonderful time at the Cork This Winery.  I look forward to many more great times there.  

Preparing for a very busy week.  My breast MRI is always fun.  Nothing like a early wake up just to lie on your tummy for 45 minutes, with the boobs hanging in boxes.  Getting my hair cut.  Meeting with good friend Velma who cuts my hair, drinks wine and have lunch for an always eventful girls day out.  Bill asked if he could go.  To which I gave him “the look”.  I never heard anymore.  Nothing like “the look” is there ladies?

Heard the worst crash the other day.  I mean it brought me off the floor.  I thought someone had run into the house with a car.  First thought…where’s Bill?  Now, let me think, what were his chores today?  OMG!!!!  He was supposed to be cutting tree limbs today.  He had orders not to use the ladder in any shape or form.  I ran to the side door to look out.  Wait for it……wait for it….Bill was on top of the washing machine reaching for the top shelf to retrieve flood lights for the horse barn.  What was that crash?  The top to the washing machine slammed down and half the crap on the bottom shelf was on the floor.  After I regained my composure and refrained from knocking him on his ass, I calmly asked him to get down and go away for about an hour so I could change my underwear and get things back in place.  When I get through he is asleep in his chair, snoring away.  I will get revenge.  And…the fun part is planning it.   Life is a banquet!!!!!!  And he wanted to go with me on girls day……

Love is a beautiful full moon….planets a lined and an incredible sunset.  We witnessed that yesterday.  Mother nature out did herself.  Sitting out under the stars after the sunset God painted was amazing.  A glass of wine, a block of cheese and some grapes.  Bill and Chico discussing men things and Leilani doing nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  It was Heaven.  The Sunday sermon was relying on God to help you through any tough times.  He sent the perfect get-away scenario in His evening canvas.

Having to type over the sleeping cat now.  Nothing like a new challenge.  So I’m out of here until next time.  Have a wonderful week.  Prayers going out to all.  A new year and and another year to make yourself the best you can be.

They’re Pistols And They’re Loaded!

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