Great News!

I am reporting today that my mammogram came out clear.  I really wasn’t expecting anything but you never know about little surprises.  The worst part is the 45 minutes to an hour that it takes to do it is that incredible noise. UGH!! So, thanks for the prayers.

I do believe Mother Nature is a little confused.  In our yard this morning we must have had fifty robins.  Does that mean an early spring?  Or are they just passing through?  We are waiting for our turkeys to return.  February or March is when they usually start showing up.  The weather has been beautiful the last few days and Cleopatra has enjoyed going outside for a few hours each day.  She actually comes to the door when she’s had enough. Chico goes barreling out the doggy door every five minutes after a squirrel or rabbit.  Nothing like the pitter-patter of big fat feet.

Good friends Patty and Gerard invited us over for drinks and burgers.  Always fun.  As they used to say “Happy hour is the most important meal of the day”.  And as I say also the most fun.  When your consuming alcohol with friends you lose track of time and sometimes food is secondary.  Hey…I know right from wrong and believe me…wrong is always more fun!   They live on a golf course and we never get bored people watching.  So, as long as your not spilling any …you are drinking responsibly.

Getting ready for Super Bowl, like the rest of the world.  Really don’t have a favorite team.  I guess it’s the kid against the old guy.  I just always pray no one gets hurt.  Bill and I are in a few pools in different places around town.  Always gives you something to root for.   Then after Sunday I will be in mourning.  Have to wait till August for the next game.  We will have to depend on the Astros to give us some excitement. Could be a long summer.

Tomorrow is the birthday of my daughter Lani.  Can not believe she will be 37.  And she will have a huge decision to make by her 40TH.  She carries the same BRCA gene as I do.  Lani will have to decide when to have a total hysterectomy and if she wants to have the breasts removed.  Several of you have asked me about the BRCA test and the best way to explain it is that it is a gene that some women and men carry.  I would suggest if there is ovarian or breast cancer in your family or your husbands family to ask your doctor about getting tested.  A man can carry the gene and pass it to his children.  Remember…men can have breast cancer.   And men can carry the ovarian gene without having the pleasure of having ovaries.  Stay ahead of the silent killer!

Love, hugs and prays.  Special prayer to my friend Joan.  Hang in there.  You are amazing and an inspiration to your friends and family.   Please let me know if you need something.




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