Sorry for the short delay for the Monday update.  Bill and I have been out having fun.  We went to Bossier City for the Super Bowl Party and had a blast.  Bill did his thing at blackjack and I tackled the three card poker.  And for a change we brought more back than what we took.  Needless to say, like most people we are usually donating to the cause.  The Super Bowl Party the hotel put on was really nice.  Leave it to the Caesar’s Entertainment group to pull a humdinger.  We got comps on the hotel stay and on our meals.  So, besides the tipping, which everyone deserved, we spent nothing.  They even gave us a $20. gift to play on a table game.  I stuck it on red at roulette and won.  So instead of a voucher …I had $20 bill.  As always, met many nice people.  The Super Bowl squares we bought at various bars around town…did not pay off.  The quarter where the panther’s field goal was missed cost us $625.00.  We had five $20.squares and 10 $5.00 squares, and two with the lucky numbers on them.  Oh well,  it was fun trying.   Thanks to Amy, our wonderful house sitter who loves our babies as much as we do and always comes up with a little surprise for us when we arrive home.  Also, a thanks to my boys for being there to help out when we travel.

Of course we can’t travel without a Bill story…or two.  It was amusing to watch him standing in the bathroom buck naked trying to figure out the foreign plumbing equipment.  If he had not been undressed I would have videoed it.  I was “on the floor”.  Finally after messing with it for a few minutes the shower was activated and so was Bill.  The next step was figuring out how to get the water warm.  So with ice hanging from various parts of the body, he finally figured out the warm direction. There was no hot /cold arrow directions due to the fact it was some kind of exotic handle.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Bill continues to have hearing issues and it becomes very comical for the dealers.  If I’m at the table I usually am the interpreter.  That is until one of the dealers has the same problem.  The entire table was in stitches.  Now this one you really had to be there.  There is no describing this experience.  But trust me…two grown men using “poker” sign language is really something to see.  I’m sure all the security camera guys were very amused.

Prayers out to a new fighter of cancer…Sonia…a patient of Dr. Cook’s.  So to my prayer warriors please send TLC prayers to Sonia.  Also, Gwen, made it through reversal surgery with flying colors.  Got the intestines hooked back up and ready now to poop like a normal person.  I remember how excited I was to get rid of my bag…Izzie.  (For those who have the books…you know who Izzie is).  Thanks Dr. Bevers…you are the best.  Dear God, bless those who are in need of Your love….wrap Your strong arms around them.

Put three fajita seasoned breasts in the slow cooker overnight.  Going to have pulled chicken sandwiches today for lunch or a nice salad topped with pulled chicken.  Decisions, decisions!  The smell has been driving us crazy all morning.  So, may the rest of your week be safe and blessed.  Hugs and love!


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