Life’s Little Crazies!

Everything happens for a reason.  I’ve always said that.  Mom used to say everything happens in threes.  I believe that too.  Some crazy stuff has gone on this month and in more than threes.   Amy, who I consider a daughter, lost her grandfather, a grandmother and a neighbor within three days.  Two of my childhood swimming buddies from Dad’s Club passed on the same day.  I get a text from one of my doctors asking me to contact one of his patients who is need of TLC.  I’ve had six friends that either had surgery or became ill within the last week.  February is the month I lost, in 2013, my father and my daughter in law Michele and unborn infant.  So, it seems to me February is getting kinda creepy.   Chin up, grin and bear it, cheers and all that good stuff only goes so far.  The thing that gets us through it all is our faith.  So God’s little challenges, that seem to be huge nightmares to us, will only make us stronger.  Keep the faith!

The days here have been beautiful.  Bill and I have spent afternoons out on the back porch.  I read a lot but I have read more in the past few weeks than usually normal.  We opened the office window and Cleopatra can go in and out of her room and get fresh air on the back porch whenever she wants.  The QUEEN is really the queen now.  Chico goes in and out his doggy door and usually suns most of the day unless one of the nine hundred squirrels gets his attention.  It’s only when they tempt him within 6 feet that he is amused.  We have about 25 cardinals at the back feeder and about that many at the front one.  Bill fell asleep in his porch rocker and Cleo jumped in his lap almost sending them both through the screen.  If Bill was going to have a heart attack…it would have been then.  I, however, laughed my ass off.  I would have been ticked off if they had knocked over my wine.  However, Bill did not spill one drop of his beer.

Well, Bill is home with a load of hay.  That’s my cue to go to work.  Before I go I want to mention this:  I appreciate all the book sales.  Ride,Baby,Ride! and They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded!,  I pray they are helping many cope with life’s little crazies.  If you know of anyone who needs a lift please buy them one of the books.  The Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is there to help find cures for cancer.  Book sales, after printing cost, go to the fund.  So, you are helping not only a person in need of TLC but a donation to help fight cancer.  If you would like the book signed please purchase through this website.  Or contact me if you’d like to mail a check .  The books are also available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and on E-books.  OK, enough of this but I’ve had several inquires about this and want to make sure the word gets out.  Don’t forget you may mail a donation to MD Anderson directly but make sure you write on it that it is for the Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer research Fund or it will go to anything from building maintenance to new linens.  More info on this website under “A Giving Thought”.

Love and Hugs!

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