De-ja Vu Strikes Again

Life really does travel in circles.  Modern technology plays a huge role in this but never the less it does happen.  We can look up old friends and chat on Facebook, Twitter etc.  We can call anyone anywhere in the world on a cell phone.  Lately, I have run into old friends from my 13 years at Kroger (1995-2008).  I had to step down because dad needed me at home.  Then within two years I was battling ovarian cancer and could not return to any work.  After dad passed and I was stuck with nothing to do except fight for my life…I wrote two books.  After lots of thought, I have decided to return to work.  Nothing great, just extra time on my hands and something part-time.  As it goes…I am going back to the Kroger Co. but in a whole different capacity.  I will be in Nature’s Market.  No kids to keep under control and no closing manager duties.  Just make Nature’s Market  the best it can be.  This still gives me time to write and raise money for ovarian cancer research. 

 Bill is hanging in there.  Had blood work done last week and discovered his Triglycerides was high so he is in a full blown tail spin as I had to remove Milk Duds from his diet.  Cutting back on carbs, especially potatoes, is not something that Bill will enjoy for very long.  The final blow was his Honey Nut Cheerios.  Didn’t eliminate them entirely but no longer in the daily routine.  Acting just like a little kid asking me before something goes in his mouth  if it’s allowed. 

My port cleaning is tomorrow.  So, we will do that and probably go to lunch afterwards.  Tuesday is double punch day at Willie’s .  Always a fun place to dine.  And great food.  Then we will run the usual errands and head home.  Bill will be able to get a nice grilled chicken salad.  It’s only funny cause he loves their hamburger and fries.  Not any more!

A tree fell in the back acreage but is not blocking anything and did not fall on a fence so no damage done.  I’m hiding the chain saws from Bill until Dusty or Casey gets here to chop it up.  As you know, the ladders are already off limits.  The list just keeps getting longer.  He stepped on Chico’s tail a few days ago and poor Chico was just sitting there looking up at him like …you do know you are perched on my appendage!   Chico didn’t make a sound.  He just slowly pulled it out from under Bill’s foot.  Events around this place never cease to amaze me. 

Prayers out to Peggy, Olivia, Sonia, and Gwen.  Wishing God’s love to all of you.  You are in my prayer jar and please know I pray for you.  Congratulations to my son Dusty and Amy who is expecting a little boy in July.  Ultra sound looks like we have a healthy one.  If he’s anything like his daddy they are in for a real treat.  They were thinking about the name Dustin Junior…..I said “please don’t do that to that poor kid”!  LOL

Love and Hugs,

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