Feeling Special

This must be a time in my life cycle that God has given me extra strength and knowledge.  I think there is a special word for it in Yoga or when studying the Dalai Lama.  I actually have evened out my basic thoughts and have done things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  Since God has chosen to give me time in which I thought I wouldn’t have …I’ve decided to jump into some long time goals.  Will continue to draw and paint, begin working on book three, and get a part time job to keep me busy and extra spending money.  I just want to hold on till it’s time to go and always keep that child in me. 

Cleopatra and I were out on the back porch just goofing off.  All of a sudden this 40 pound bug swooped down and actually tried to dive bomb us.  Thank goodness someone in their right mind invented something called a screen.  After it hit the screen it bounced off and hit the ground about six feet down.  After further analysis, I came to conclusion that it was a stink bug.  And when you got close enough to it you knew why.  OMG, it’s disgusting.  As a kid at girl scout camp I remember catching them and throwing them in other kids tents.  Remember…keep the child in you!

Bill and I just got back from a small jaunt to Bossier City.  Our house sitter took care of things here.  Was great seeing our old friends again.  Had a comp for three nights and a free lobster buffet.  Well worth the trip.  And we actually broke about even….so all in all, a great trip.  Got back before the big storms hit.  Bill has gone into blackjack withdrawal.  I just make sure he has plenty to do.  Plenty to do that is that doesn’t involve a ladder or chain saw!  Made a beef stew in the slow cooker last night.  So we have been chowing down on that all day.  Since Bill is a meat and potato guy, he was very happy.  All kinds of little side tracks to keep his mind off the casino!

Making my way to my notebook to start on chapter ideas for book three.  I’ll keep y’all up to date on the progress.  This one will not be blog thoughts although in my mind a thought is a thought no matter what form you write it in.  There are so many amazing things that I have encountered but telling them in a way that someone would feel that they could be standing in my shoes is the challenge. 

Have a great week and be careful.  Praying for you all. 




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