Feeling Amazed

Good Morning!  I am happy to report that my undertaking a new job is actually working out rather well.  I am enjoying getting out of the house for a few days each week and fell great about earning a little side money to boot.  My new bosses have made it easy for me to adjust back into the Kroger family.  Thank you Stephanie for all your help with scheduling.  You have made it easy for me to request off for my doctor appointments and other related appointments.  And thank you Janie for your continued support.  I did work Easter Sunday and to my surprise we were hammered.  The store looked like an ant bed.  One reason was competitor HEB was closed for Easter.  And college kids, Texas Aggies,  coming back to school from Easter break.  It was a zoo!!!!!

In the meantime, Bill is coping with life without Leilani a few days each week.  He doesn’t hear the phone most of the time and I’m not here to answer it for him, so he spends his day watching movies or working out in the barn with the horses.  Still forbidden to use a ladder or a chain saw, his property activities are limited until I get home.  But like a good boy…he has my wine ready when I return.  When I work late he has critter duty.  The first night of feeding the foxes the skulk or leash (what they call a group of foxes)  were like who is that?  I hope they don’t try to communicate with him….Bill will never hear them.  When they talk to me it’s like in a low growl or purr.  And they circle the area where I throw their food.  They get so excited when it hits the ground.

Watching the wild turkeys this morning.  Out of the bunch there is always one dumb-ass!  He always gets lost from the others and makes all kinds of noises until he is reunited.  It drives Cleopatra crazy.  She looks at me like what the hell is wrong with that crazy looking bird?  When she was just a kitten she used to walk around the yard with them.  I wasn’t sure if she would remember from last summer but it seems like she is still is still part of their rafter.  (Rafter is what a group of turkeys is called).  Anyway this morning I went out to my Jeep for a few items and the rafter was in my flower bed right beside the drivers door.  I opened the door and one of them comes over to see what I was doing.  After explaining that my Jeep was off limits to him, in any way or form, he politely turned around and pooped right by my foot.  Thank you Lord for little favors.  

Lani and TJ are planning their 2017 wedding.  They will come back to Texas to get married.  I got on line and got them the information they will need to get a marriage license here in Texas.  They are planning a honeymoon in Hawaii.  I am so happy for them and know that they are perfect for each other.  So get ready Texas for a BIG Texas size party next March.

Bill and I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and we hope everyone has a great week.  Hope y’all didn’t mind the zoology lesson on the names of certain species groups names.  I always find that stuff fascinating.  A final thought….actress Katherine Hepburn once said “if you obey all the rules…you miss all the fun”. So my friends….break some rules and live! Ciao!!!! 

Love and Hugs,

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