Red on Yellow…Kill A Fellow!

Well, you can tell Spring is here.  The creepy crawlers are emerging from their winter hiding places and looking for food.  Several days ago Bill and I killed a 5 foot rat snake that crossed right in front of me as I drove in the front gate.  I called Bill on the cell phone and said get out here with a weapon of choice.  With a machete and shovel in hand we attack the snake.  Then…Dusty came out to work on a car and he and Bill were out by one of the sheds and I hear them having a fit.  I mean like a major ordeal.   A 4 1/2 ft. coral snake crawled right in front of them.  Dusty grabbed an axe and cropped it’s head off.  The head of the snake continued to crawl towards Bill.  It was so creepy.  But it was “red/yellow” together and not “red and black”.  In scouts we learned “red and yellow kill a fellow…red and black venom lack”.  I really don’t care as long as the asshole is no longer with us.  But when part of the snake is still attacking…that’s disgusting.   I really didn’t think a coral snake got that long.  But after researching it on the web, I see they can.  This must have been the granddaddy.  Ugh!

I made a decision….without the male influence.  I am so tired of excuses from certain gentlemen around here about how they can’t get the weed eater started.  Pulling the string a million times and throwing your back out.  Running out of gas and having to stop to go to the gas station.  And …the famous last words…I’ll do it in a little while.  I got on line and ordered an electric weed eater.  Free shipping and on sale.  Black and Decker, light weight and no parts to put together.  Lowe’s shipped it within four days and I was set.  I have been a weed eating little fool.  I’m having a blast with this thing.  Now, it’s oh let us do that.  You can work in the flower beds.  You can get on the riding mower.  Have a seat on the patio and drink a glass of wine and relax…that’s man’s work!  Wow…something so simple gets a man attention.  The yard is looking amazing and I’d like to thank Amy for helping with raking the leaves last winter.  I mulched over all the piles with the lawn tractor and we are all manicured.  Added several hibiscus and rose bushes and we are looking sharp.

The wild turkeys are hanging around.  They sun with the horses and travel around the property during the day hours and sleep up in the front yard tall pines at night.  They also are not embarrassed about putting their feathers in “full bloom” and mate every time we turn around.  So, it looks like another summer of “turkey porn”.   And, they like the wild bird feeders.  The poor birds and squirrels wait patiently for them to retreat back to the horse field so they can grab a bite to eat.  If the wild ones weren’t eating us out of house and home…now we feed the big, fat, turkeys!

I hope every one here in Texas is enjoying this wonderful weather.  It has been so fun for Bill and me to walk around the property and soak up the beauty.  For my friends up sorry about the late snow.  Prayers out to you all.  Take care and stay blessed.

Love and hugs!

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