Catching Up!

Anyone that has seen the news in the last few days know that we have had our hands full here in Texas.  Please stay safe.  “Turn around, don’t drown”!… Seems to be the rule of thumb.  As for Bill and me…our road out has been destroyed.  The heavy rains washed out a road that we use to get into town.  I was supposed to have blood work done yesterday but knew better than to even try.  I am supposed to go to work today but the county is waiting to fix the road because they need a shipment of some special type of rock.  If we get more rain it will completely be impassable.  

But with all the bad weather and life threatening events going on all over the state…Bill has managed to keep me entertained.  In fact several men have kept me entertained.  I was cleaning the floors and I hear the TV (which, of course , is blasting because Bill can’t hear) going from someone singing to a wartime scream to a basketball game to a woman laughing her ass off…..and I’m like what the hell is going on.  I walk in the den and Bill is sitting up in his recliner, sound asleep, snoring, with his finger on the channel changer.  Need I say more?  The man was actually snoring through weather alerts and all.

Meanwhile in South Carolina, TJ, my future son in law, is driving Lani nuts.  TJ went to play golf then he and the boys went out to play pool.  He calls Lani at almost midnight and says he’s on his way home.  He gets home after stopping at Sonic for ice cream.  He doesn’t want to wake Lani up so he lies down in the guest bedroom to watch TV and eat his ice cream.  Lani of course hears it all.  As everything goes silent she gets up and goes in to see what TJ is doing.  He is sound asleep with spoon in one hand and ice cream container propped up on his belly.  The ice cream was oozing toward the bed spread.  All of Lani’s friends at work told her she should have let him wear it.  But I’m like she…who has to clean the spread and his clothes when all is said and done.  I think he bought her flowers the next day.  Good choice.  No doghouse!

As you know, I’m working again.  The grocery store is the place to be amused anyway.   Men were not meant to go to the grocery store and travel the aisles with a weapon like a grocery cart.  I was up on a lift putting items on the top shelf and this dude comes blazing around the corner, runs into my lift and almost sends me flying through the air that even the best acrobat would be in awe.   His wife apologized for ten minutes and then lets him have it.  As he goes off she says “that’s the last time I bring him to the grocery store”.  A statement I hear all the time.  Men should have carts with extra equipment …you know cart accessories.  Rubber bumpers, horn, turn indicators, and of course there has to be some traffic signs to keep them on the correct side of the aisle. Wait forget horn..that would be a big mistake.  Three ladies waited one day for this guy to move his cart.  It was sitting right in the middle of the aisle while he was several yards ahead of it getting something off the shelf.  The man never looked up.  We were all laughing.  I told them that I get paid by the hour so I’ve got all day but y’all are on a schedule.  One lady says “men shouldn’t be allowed in the grocery store”, one of the other said “if that were my husband I’d give him a swift kick in the ass”.  I’d say if it were up to the women shoppers there would be many sore butts, bruised booties, and inflamed Hershey’s highways!!!!  Pastor Max said in his sermon Sunday …Colossians 3:19  “Husbands, love your wives and never treat them harshly”.  Well, after a trip to the grocery store with her …I hope he remembers that verse, because women can be persuasive in different ways.

Stay safe everyone and try to help others that are in need in this rough time in our neighborhoods.   I’ll keep y’all informed on blood work and Dr. Bevers visit tomorrow.  That is if I can get to the hospital for my appointment. 

Love and hugs,

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