Thumbs Up!

Life is full of crazy stuff.  Especially when it happens to you.  One of my daughter’s best friends and who I consider my own, is battling Crohn’s Disease.  As part of her treatment she must inject herself, in her thigh, with the Humaira pen .  She calls me half laughing and half in excruciating  pain as she accidentally injected the injector pen in her thumb, as she was holding it upside.  It was her first time to inject herself so she was experimenting with the first one to make sure she did it correctly.  She said her thumb was three times it’s normal size and it hurt like the devil.   Of course,  I had to imagine the things that one would do with an oversized thumb.  In the dictionary Mr. Webster defines thumb as …the short, thick finger of the human hand, next to the forefinger, which can be used in opposition to the other fingers; pollex.  (Pollex is first digit of the forelimb).  First of all… you would be seen a lot sooner when hitch-hiking.  If you were an Aggie, you could gig’em with the best of them.  Can you imagine the size of the thumb hole in your bowling ball?  Little Jack Horner who sat in the corner would have stuck in his thumb and pulled out a pumpkin.  The saying “thumb up your ass” just reached a new perspective.  Anyway, we still both laugh about it and by the way, the second try was spot on! Please don’t get me started about what to do with an swollen thigh! For those suffering with Chohn’s …I have nothing but praise for your courage.  Ride,Baby,Ride!

Cell phones are now allowed at almost ever job site.  As long as you are not rude about talking in front of fellow employees or customers and not working equipment…it seems to be excepted.  It always cracks me up in church when people forget to mute them.  The ring sounds are a hoot.  The minister’s wife sat by me one Sunday and hers went off.  We were both in stitches.  She said her husband was going to kill her.  I told her I would have to agree!!!  I’ve always been leery of putting mine in my pocket.  I feel like bad rays are going through my body.  My friend Pat forgot she had put hers in her back pocket and was looking all over work for it.  She got on a regular phone and rang her cell number.  Such a thrill to feel your butt singing and vibrating.  Glad I wasn’t standing behind her…I would have dropped to the pavement laughing. 

Reading a new Nora Roberts book.  It’s the first book of her Guardians Trilogy.  “Stars of Fortune” is the title.  It is so entertaining.  Can’t wait to read them all.  Now I have books to read at the doctor’s office and on trips for awhile.  Along with my wine…just leave me be! 

Going to get blood work tomorrow and see the “Bev” on Friday.  Was supposed to see him this Wednesday but Bill has a dermatology appointment that day and timing was off.  It has already been postponed from when Houston flooded.  So please pray for great results.  Just my routine, every three month ordeal.  Always nervous before and always relieved afterwards.  

Love and Hugs!!!!

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