Someone Brought Me Flowers

Entering Tuesday with beauty and love.  As I write, I look out the window at the amazing beauty God has sent.  The trees have never illuminated so green.  All shades of chlorophyll in God’s paint-brush.  And…the relief of knowing all blood work and physical exam results were awesome.  I wrote to y’all yesterday of the results instead of a complete blog because I was so happy with the doctor visit and the rest could wait until today. 

On Sunday morning as were we getting ready for church, I was drinking coffee and watching the news.  I hear a really strange noise, look over to the open window and see Cleopatra entering with part of my back porch flower arrangement.  She proceeds to place the long stem fake Iris at my feet.  Awwww…thank you kitty.  So I put it back.  I went to the kitchen for another cup of coffee and return to find two flowers at the foot of my recliner in the study.  OK,  thank you kitty.  Now, if I leave the house and come back…I have flowers deposited at the foot of my chair.  What a hoot.  Now the clincher is I went into the bathroom to pee..the same bathroom that Cleo’s litter box resides…and she gets in there to pee at the same time I do.  The damn cat looks right at me …like I going to go when mom does.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

I have enjoyed going back to work for a few hours a week.  Kroger has been nice enough to let me off when I need to be and for that I am very grateful.  This week has been especially busy with Mother’s day coming up this weekend.  It’s also a great opportunity to talk to people about my goal of getting the word out about ovarian cancer.  Since I work in Nature’s Market I encounter many folks who are going through different cancers and are trying to change their diets and eat healthier.  I always tell them not to forget the value of red wine!!!!!  And how convenient that the wine department is next to mine.  The way, I have reminded myself, that it’s the good Lord’s way of giving me incentive to get through the work hours and the BS from the boss!

Mother’s Day is this weekend but so is the Kentucky Derby.  They will announce the list of horses on Wednesday when they draw their post number.  When I glanced  over some of the names I noticed one of them is “Lani”.  Guess who I’m putting my money on?  But it’s always fun to watch.  Maybe we can have another Triple Crown winner this year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  I pray for all that may need a lift.  Until next week…..


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