Loving Vegas

Bill and I just returned from 6 days in “Sin City”.  We always have a blast.  We were invited to the Kentucky Derby Party by Caesar’s Entertainment and enjoyed ourselves beyond words.  Thanks Amy for house and animal sitting….you are the best.  BUT>>>>>>>>>>Bill had a bad back attack about the second day .  Blue Emu and Alieve do wonders.  Met so many wonderful people and sold many books.  Thank you to everyone for supporting Ovarian Cancer.  Another highlight was getting to visit with our friend Pete Vallee.  Better known  in Vegas as “Big Elvis”.  For anyone who visits Vegas, please look him up.  To Bill and me and thousands of fans….his voice IS the voice of Elvis.  Met new friends at the Diamond Lounge…Dwight from South Carolina and Bill and Terry from California.   True “bar fly” buddies.  And thank you to bartender Robert…you are the best!

On the flight back we experienced a lot of wind gust.  Not enough alcohol on the plane for me.  Of course Bill snored through the whole event.  Life is to short to plummet 37,000 feet with no buzz and a husband in a coma!  The flight attendant said that they always have half the passengers sleeping when they return from Vegas and to make sure they do not have “bed head” when they leave the plane.  With Bill’s bald spot he didn’t have to worry about the flat hair doo. 

Home for a day and Bill is doing better.  I did all the mowing and weed eating today while he snoozed.  Chico and the turkeys kept me company.  Cleopatra watched from afar and eyed the squirrels and rabbits.  I even fed the horses …which isn’t my job…and they thought I was going to brush them…thanks Amy for spoiling them rotten…but they know mom always brings treats. 

Well…better close now…Cleopatra is starting to type for me.  Little brat is actually better at it than I.  So for now…thanks for the well wishes and the caring thoughts about my CA 125 results.  Your prayers are very much appreciated.  And to those who we met this trip dealing with everything from breast cancer to sinus cancer…Ride,Baby,Ride!!!!

Love and hugs,

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