Beware of The SHARK!

As I have revealed before, Bill several years ago bought me a Shark vacuum cleaner.  And…I told you how you have to watch it because it is powerful and will suck up everything it comes in contact with.  It has sucked socks out of my cowboy boots, it has attacked Chico’s tail, eaten shower curtains, and recently violated my space.  I was “enjoying” a morning of housework when it came time to vacuum.  I was picking up a throw rug in the bathroom when out of nowhere the wand closed in on me and ate my pajama pants.  Screaming for Bill….like, what was I thinking….I ran to the plug to unplug the life out of that abusive machine.  It literally at my pant leg up to my knee.  I felt like Goldie Hawn in “Overboard” where she was doing laundry and the wringer machine ate her shirttail.   Chico was looking at me like.. I have tried to tell you that thing is alive and goes after living creatures.  Cleopatra runs under the chair when I am cleaning her room.  She attacks the wand and runs.  One of these days kitty cat it will happen.  I know the Shark is scheming a feline military maneuver. 

Bill is getting better.  Mark put him on three medicines.  Antibiotics, cough medicine, and a puffer.  It seems to be breaking the crud up in his chest.  The inhaler is now my 4 times a day form of entertainment.  Watching him use that thing could be it’s own comedy show.  The first time he took the cough medicine, which is a little round pill that looks like a clear pearl, he put it in his mouth and then went to get a class of water.  His tongue was numb for ten minutes.  He was freaking out, as I thought it amusing, telling him it will wear off. Deep down I wish it had lasted a little longer!  Poor Bill.

Supposed to be another rainy day.  And supposed to be 100% by the time I leave for work.  But that’s good….maybe we won’t be too busy.  I just hope it doesn’t rain enough to flood again.  And it is definitely a gloomy day for the world… again.  God bless those and the families of those lost on the Egyptian Airliner crash.  Please pray for all those that need our support.

Love and Hugs!

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