Baby… The Rain Must Fall!

As the old song says…”Baby,the rain must fall..Baby, the wind must blow”.  And boy….has it ever.  Bill and I were without electricity for 4 days.  A tree from the property next door was hit by lightning and fell on our power line.  Snapped that sucker right in half.  And what an adventurous 4 days it was.  Making coffee with Sterno in the mornings, grilling in the rain, so that we could try to salvage the food that was in the freezer, and maneuvering around at night with emergency lighting.  A special thanks to Dr. Max and Sheila Brand for the use of their shower so I could get to church and work on Sunday.  Our generator needs a new starter so we were stuck.  Thank goodness it was on the cooler side at night so we had the windows open for air.  I can only tell you I am so impressed with George Washington right now.  The man led his troops in the elements, saved the country, and kept Martha happy …all without electricity!  What a man!  And a man that could multi-task….holy crap.  Cleopatra, Chico, Bud and Poco are all happy that things are back to normal around here.  Well, as normal as it gets at this casa anyway.

Along with the horrible weather we have endured road damage beyond belief.  Our roads are not paved but are dirt and shell.  The ones to our home are so washed out.  Up to 4 foot drop offs that used to be road.  Like long, intimidating sink holes.  So Mame, my Jeep, has been preforming in 4 wheel drive.  Challenging to say the least to get to and from work.  Not to mention all the rivers, creeks, and bayous that have exceeded the flood limits and get worse every day.  Our prayers go out to many of our friends in the Simonton/Fulshear area who have not only lost homes but livestock.  

While at work, one of my co-workers and I were working on the peanut butter making machine.  Like… we really knew what the hell we were doing.  A customer was messing with it and got it stuck.  So, Reggie and Leilani to the rescue!  We took it apart…cleaned what we could…then proceeded to put it back together.  Once put back together we tried it out.  Peanut butter went flying everywhere.  We both were covered in it.  We laughed so hard.  For the rest of my 4 hour shift I was constantly asked “what is that you’re wearing?  New fragrance…Creamy honey almond  peanut butter.

Have a great week and please pray for no more rain in Texas.  Love and hugs and my God bless each and every one of you.


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