Here Come the Holidays!

Douglas Fir is a family Christmas Tradition.  He is an 18″ tall artificial Douglas fir Christmas tree that lights up his eyes and mouth when he sings and talks.  And can be extremely annoying.  Especially to Lani.  So Libby, Bill and I decided to wake her up one morning at 6 AM with Douglas.  We cracked her door and set him in the doorway and turned him on.  Lani was not amused.  So we set him on her sink so when she went in to the bathroom the motion detector would pick her up and he would go off.  Lani was not amused.  I think the last words we heard Douglas speak were “Have a tree-mendous Christmas”!  And they were garbled due to the fact he was going treetop first in the toilet. 

The holiday season is full of surprises.  Some wanted….others not.  After removing all the decorations from fall and storing the crock pots and roasters until Christmas dinner I started trying to locate my egg timer.  There needs to be a alarm locater on the egg timer.  No, it was not in the refrigerator next to the phone and shaving cream.  That’s the first place my wonderful family wanted me to look.  (Check out previous blogs to get the details on that).  Anyway, the timer turned up in the kitchen drawer, upside down,incognito, just like it was mooning me.  I was daring the damn thing to “ding” on me.  You know, like…the ha ha, screw you ding.  Then Bill…OMG… loses the gate remote.  This,  at this point and time actually makes me feel better.  At least the egg timer is easily replaced!  Everyone was summoned for the scavenger hunt.  We know it’s somewhere on the property because he let himself in the gate.  Still have not found it.  Again, why don’t these gadgets have an “here I am alarm” on them?

My brother D turned 59 over the past week.  My nephew, Walker, brought over a big birthday cake.  I left the three guys with the cake to go over and watch “60 Minutes” with Magoo.  Came back and all that was left of the cake was the outer edge.  All icing.  I mean this was a serious group of cake eaters.  It reminded me of when Lani was christened and we had a christening cake for her.  We got back from the church and our dachshund “Buttons” had eaten exactly half the cake.  And I picked up after her for two days.  These 3 looked just as green.

The horses have been put on a serious diet.  Our farrier, Trini,  was here to do their pedicures and said they were too fat.  I don’t think Bud was phased by the insult but Poco was devistated.  Since he is the one courting the neighbors “jenny”, and is going through his vain stage.  So….cutting grain in half and no carrot and apple treats.  Poor babies!  I’m sure they are psycho doctors for equines…somewhere.  Then magoo’s dog, Lilly, was chewing on something.  She tried to hide it in her blanket.  I asked her what she had.  She looks straight at the corner of the couch.  Then she looks down at the corner of the coffee table.  In about 10 strategic spots I found hidden pecans.  Now in Magoo’s fenced yard there are no pecan trees.  So how did the pecans get within Lilly’s reach?  Being the detective that I am….I see the huge crows flying over dad’s yard and dropping them as if to bombard Lilly.  Lilly grabs them and then buries, hides and eats the rest.  Isn’t mother nature funny?

Bill sat up in bed at 1:30AM and screamed “hello”!  Scared the holy crap out of me.  Then he precedes to carry on a conversation with “whoever”.  Ah Bill…oh Bill….he looks at me and says someone knocked on the door.  So you are going to answer the door from the bed?  Oh…I must be dreaming.  No s_ _t!  Please dear Lord…..let me get just one whack in!!!!!  Maybe I can put him back out on the ladder.  Ceiling fans ON!

Enjoy everyday my friends.  Life is a blessing!  Believe!!!!!!


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