There were so many things that happened during our Vegas trip and before the departure of Magoo.  Bill and I were sitting in the terminal waiting for our flight back to Houston.  I was sipping on a glass of wine and reading a book.  Bill is sitting next to me….first mistake….he begins a regiment of sneezes…a full blown sneeze attack.  One of the sneezes forces his arm to fly up and molest my wine glass.  He knocked it all over me.  I was wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans.  Now I’m wearing a Merlot colored sweatshirt and spotted jeans.  So I get up, with the entire flight of people going to Houston, laughing, and head to the restroom.  I lean over the sink and drench my shirt with water and a little soap.  Women were trying to help.  Of course asking …”what happened”?  Especially since I looked like I had entered myself in a wine grenade battle with wine aliens.  All I had to say was…my husband….and everyone agreed that it had to have been a man’s fault!  So now I am bent over the hand dryer.  You know the machines that could blow a polar bear off the Arctic ice from Las Vegas.  The ones that you have to restart every 10 seconds because in that short time you could remove every freckle from your hands.  So I am draped over this blow dryer and I look like I’m trying to make love to the damn thing!  Yes, some idiot called security.  Two come in asking what I am doing and all I do is point outside where Bill is sitting and remind them of whose fault it was.  And could I please have him arrested!  Laughing with admitting that it does look kinda strange.  I’m sure everyone was amused but me. 

Then we get on the plane.  We have a great trip home and retrieve our luggage.  Get in the truck for our ride to the hospital to see dad and then home.  The  minute we get home Bill is in panic mode.  What’s wrong Bill?  Nothing.  Really?  Ten minutes later it’s…don’t get mad.  OK.  I lost one of my hearing aids.  The “shot heard around the world” did not happen in 1775…it happened in 2013!     

We have decided to keep Lilly.  Family decision.  We could not let her go without trying to get her out of her depression of losing dad.  As you know we had her on sedation pills…did not work.  We even tried those with muscle relaxers…did not work.  Now the vet says she has separation anxiety.  OK….now we are on separation anxiety pills.  Lilly has a “shrink”.  Now I need one!  Our only problem is keeping Lilly and Starr separated.  Wish us luck.

I will have the boobs squeezed on Thursday.  Mammogram time.  And then my gall bladder and hernia patch surgery will be on Feb. 27TH.  I will have the internal specialist and Dr. Bevers both there.  Don’t mind getting naked with those two hotties working on me.  I’m getting really low on body parts these days.  Oh well, one less part for the cancer to attack if it comes back.  I’m expecting a clean bill of health after this.

Our family would like to thank George H. Lewis and Sons Funeral Home for their wonderful care of dad.  Magoo has been returned to us and know sitting next to mom and Michele.  I’m sure the conversation going on is priceless.  I have him sitting right between the two ladies.  I hope he gets it in stereo! 

Love is missing someone every single day but knowing they are resting in God’s arms makes it OK.


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