Lilly’s Footprints

I had prayed to make the right decision about Magoo’s little dog Lilly.  I asked God to help me find what was right for her in her depression over losing dad.  With Lilly’s footprints all over our hearts we had decided to keep her to make her life a little easier.  Making another big move in her life at this time would have really depressed her.  And she loved us as much as we loved her.  Our attempt to love her like Magoo ended Saturday morning.  Lilly had been shaking the day before and I knew it had to be physical pain.  Probably going out in her back again.  Saturday morning she had no use of her back legs and was having a real hard time.  Our wonderful vet here in Fulshear, Marne Baird, Lani, and me made the decision to let her go be with Magoo.  Lilly and Magoo are now running the streets of Heaven together.  And God is finding pecans burrowed in every nook and cranny of Heaven’s corners.  I know that in some strange way the good Lord helped in this….He does work in mysterious ways!  Lilly would never have gotten over the loss of dad and I know that she is safe in Magoo’s arms as I write this.  We love you both!!!

Serendipity on my part.  Don’t ask me how these things happen but they do.  But I have discovered how to disguise a bag of chips so no one….not even Moochie and Starr know I have them.  You know the routine.  Go to the kitchen, grab a bag of chips and every animal, person, or thing comes out of the woodwork for a handout.  Especially Bill.  And remember he can’t hear crap!  How is that?  Doesn’t hear me calling but crinkle a bag of chips and he is standing right in front of you.  Hey, a new way to find your husband….I mean if you really want to.  So the rule of thumb is to see if the dogs are outside, see where all occupants of the casa are, and carefully take the bag of chips or candy….open slowly and quietly….and put them in a baggie.  Baggies don’t make near the noise.  Bill walked right by me.  Moochie and Starr unfortunately smelled something but didn’t seem to be interested because there was no sound.  The only thing that I couldn’t get past the dogs were pork rinds.  The smell and the crunch are too over-whelming.  If you eat pork rinds …you get the drift!

After the death of a loved one, I think one of the hardest things is removal of their clothes from the closet.  Except for Magoo!  It was like a treasure hunt.  I thought Lilly was the little scavenger.  Heck, she had nothing on dad.  I mean you still remember things about certain pieces of clothing but all in all… this was a hoot.  Magoo never bought a “cheap” anything in his life.  But everything lasted him his lifetime.  The suits that he bought in the Galleria in the 70’s were still being used.  There used to be a store in the Galleria called J. Wayne Limited.  It was men’s clothing and it was owned by my cousin Sandra’s husband Jerry.  Most of Magoo’s suit labels were from there.  Suits still looking like he had just had them fitted.  OMG…the shoes.  He even kept a pair of loafers that Lilly had chewed a hole in the toe.  I remember he wore those to the dentist one time with one blue sock and one brown.  The dentist and us had a good laugh.  There was everything from coins to cough drops to paperclips to beer tops in his pockets.  In his desk, we found scrap books of his childhood.  His report cards from grade school…..Boy, I wish I could confront him with some of these.  I seem to remember “I didn’t make c’s”!  Too funny!  I’ll never forget when Magoo passed and Lani stuck her head out the door of his room to summons a nurse..she said “he’s gone” and the nurse said “where”?  And Lani looked at me and we both broke up laughing as Lani proceeded to tell her …dead…left this world…Heaven…with the angels.  I know that Magoo was smiling all the way to the “pearly gates”.  He wanted to leave on a fun note….And he did …all except entering Heaven in a hospital gown instead of one of his J.Wayne Limited suits.  Probably got a kick out of that too!

So, now with all of this behind us, we are now preparing for my surgery on Wednesday.  Have to be at the hospital bright and early and surgery is planned for 7:30.  Dr’s. Bevers and Sehorn will be working on me.  Sehorn will remove the gall bladder and patch the hernia….and Bevers will take a scope and look around for precaution, to make sure none of the cancer has returned.  They are not expected to find anything..all the blood work has been great.  Probably in for two or three day stay.  But all the troops have rallied like they usually do and all is taken care of.  Dusty is moving out here.  He will take over Magoo’s house.  Lani is moving to South Carolina for a while to be with ‘Mr. Wonderful”.  TJ is a golf pro and is working at a country club there.  They are hoping to move back to Texas one day soon.  Don’t get this mama started…it will be hard.  But this is what is good for them at this time and we know where that Southwest jet sits when she is ready for a visit.  OR ME!!!!

Had the boobs squeezed last Thursday.  All is well.  Mammograms are such fun!  If you haven’t tried one you need to.  It qualifies as a form of torture.  Forget water boarding!  Anyway for all of you asking..all results were good.  Keep the prayers going for Wednesday.  I will let you know about the results and all the hospital fun when I get home.


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