This Stuff is Old Hat!

On a wing and a prayer we leave for St. Luke’s Hospital in the med center.  Arrive at St. Luke’s at 6 AM.  Check in and head for the prep area.  The very first thing, besides putting an arm band ID on me, was to strap a GPS monitor on my wrist.  The nurse said she’d been warned about me…that I do not like to be confined too long…go figure!  I mean it’s not like I have spells where I don’t know where I am.  But very nice nurses and even a specialist there to activate my port.  His name was Bong.  Yes, like he and Lani informed the uninformed Bill and me, that it is pronounced just like the bong that you smoke pot from…or something like that.  Great start…!  I am then wheeled off to pre-surgery and get to hold hands with my handsome Dr. Bevers and visit with my internalist surgeon Dr. Sehorn.  No lack of scenery with these two standing next to you.  The anesthesiologist met with me and she told me exactly what would occur during the surgery.  It kinda makes you want to get up and change your mind. Then asked me to think of something pleasant while they give me my “knockout cocktail”.  I told them I’ll be thinking of Dr. Bevers naked with me on a Bahamas beach.  Score one for me.  Turned “the Bev” red!  Surgery went so well.  I left OR with 4 holes.  A hole over the belly button where Sehorn fixed the hernia and Bevers stuck the camera through.  And 3 holes under my right boob to suck out the gall bladder. 

Now, I do not have “jumdo jetters” but I don’t have small ones either.  I have always taken pride in my “tassle tossers”.  So I asked Sehorn while he was putting 3 holes under those “puppies” what was Bevers doing?  Hoisting the tit?  Sehorn laughed and said “well he had to do something…and so Bevers was left holding the tata”!  Amazing what you find out after surgery.  It reminds me of the Golden Girls episode when Blanch dicovered when you are looking down in a mirror everything looks like double chin but when you are on your back, your face looks great but your boobs sag to the sides.  Anyway, gall bladder gone, hernia repaired and NO CANCER in sight.  I was up walking around that afternoon and eating a soft diet that evening.  Took no morphine after the surgery and no pain drugs at all. 

OK”d for home.  Man, those are the best sounding words.  God was definitely there for my procedure.  What was supposed to have taken 2 1/2 hours took less.  They took pictures of the insides (liver, gall bladder and abdomen) so I have  souvenir photos.  I was told to take it easy for a couple of weeks…like vacuuming is a contact sport and no heavy lifting.  I told them I didn’t expect to lift anything heavier than a bottle of Merlot.

During all of this we get a call that Lilly’s ashes are ready to be picked up.  (Just an update…we had to put dad’s dog Lilly down the Saturday before my surgery due to her back going out).  So we pick up Lilly and bring her home on the way back from the hospital.  Her urn is now sitting on top of Magoo’s urn and I imagine that she is in his arms…just like old times.  Then…the worst day in a long time…Lani left for South Carolina.  Youngest son, Dusty, is driving the moving truck and Lani is driving her car.  As mothers and daughters do…we cried the whole departure.  The guest bedroom she was using looks so empty.  But she is starting on a new facet of her life.  A new adventure…only it’s without me.  I will be fine and while in the hospital I made a list a mile long to keep me busy.  She will be back in 2 weeks for the George Strait concert, so the next couple of weeks won’t be so bad.  Anyway, during all of this Dusty is selling his house.  Too many memories of our Michele there for him.  I can only imagine.  I feel that way every time I enter Magoo’s house.  But good news is Dusty is going to move in to dad’s to help us out here.  So instead of Lani as my guardian angel…I have Dusty.  I guess like the commercial, Dusty will have to find the “snooze button” on the rooster.  I will really enjoy him getting used to the country sounds!  So he will have his regular job and the “odd jobs” ready for him here.   It is so reassuring to have someone close to help in case Bill and I need them.  Getting old is CRAZY!!!!

So as the saying goes…”Nobody better leave the gate open”…  cause this ole broad is ready to play!   Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.  You are all very special to me.  And the last few months I have been reassured many times over how much love of family and friends mean.  Hugs!!!!!!!



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